Do you still having nightmares from highschool?


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May 9, 2001
I do? I am 29 and I still waking up in the morning scare to death because I didn't study for the test or the final we have today or I forgot about that homework!!! I graduated 10 years ago and I still having those flashbacks in the morning, of course they make my life so nice when I realize it was just a bad dream but God! I can have a heart attack if I still dream that in my 80's :(

Blue Velvet

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Jul 4, 2004
I still occasionally do and I'm in my 40's.
But more often these days, they're replaced by something far worse... dreams.

Am going through a stripped miniseries at the mo, none of them any fun.


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Jan 6, 2004
yeah i have nightmares of work and school

it sux, but i guess its a reaction and way of coping of things that we hate but cannot voice to the people we work for or our educators

school nightmares are getting rare for me now though, college has showed me the positives of education, hence why i want to be a professor at some point


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Sep 30, 2003
Providence, RI
High school sucks. I still have 2.5 years left and I dread ever day of it. I ususally find myself in class (probably not learning anything) writing on the desk waiting for school to get out. Of course, skipping last peiod always makes my day a little better. ;)


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Jun 3, 2002
I don't have nightmares about high school anymore. But I do know I hated it, and was glad to be out. The irony is I now work for a school district, and my office is in the high school. :p

King Cobra

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Mar 2, 2002
I don't get or have any H.S. nightmares. H.S. did not suck, and, hell, before I went off to college, I even said I wanted to stay in H.S. If anything, I was scared about the workload and tougher classes at college. I learned plenty of things at H.S. and am still learning at college. I never once wanted to skip class or attendance for the fun of it, unless it was recommended by the professors for some reason...I guess because I was/am so loyal to and supportive of H.S. and college and reasonably so, I never had H.S. nightmares and, come to think about it, never will.

I did not enjoy grades 1 to 8, though, because at my particular elementary, students and teachers intentionally got personal with me on touchy matters.


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Jul 1, 2003
dude I still get up on Sundays, worrying that I forgot to do homework do Monday, but then I realize its Sunday (after checking my cell phone of course).

And by the way, this applies to college as well, but it was a definite high school worry as well. Oops, I guess this doesn't count as a dream haha.


Jun 22, 2001
I enjoy school for the most part. This is my last year before I go off to a university or Cambridge (if I'm very lucky). The only 'similar' experience I have with this is waking up on a Saturday morning and thinking, 'Yes! Double math first periods!", before realising the reassuring truth and going to sleep.

The converse of this is more frustrating, waking up, thinking it's a weekend and then coming to the realisation that I have to get up and be ready to go in ten minutes.

They say you don't remember all your dreams; I'm sure I had nightmares about my old French teacher but I have never remembered them.


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May 10, 2004
I Come From A Land Down Under
My maths teacher from the mid-eighties still gives me the horrors. Running into her in the local supermarket recently re-birthed all of my memories about her, especially when the class mucked up, and she(unlike many other teacher's) lowered her voice, and layered with that disappointed voice all women get, and told us she couldn't do our work for us, and made us do 5 hours (the amount of h/w, not the actual time taken) and made us do that for the next day and if we didn't do it, we would get a detention and a note home. I had a food tech. teacher also during that time frame that was a bit¢h, and with all of the prac's that we did, always picked on me and my friend that i did the prac's with.


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Oct 20, 2002
Definitely no nightmares from high school or college. My nightmares are of more recent events though. They follow the same subject matter each time, not able to resolve.
Couldnt agree more...

Very seldom...but I still do. Sophmore year I was told by my principal that if I messed up anymore, I'd be expelled. So this steroid pumping jock challenged me to fight, and i had to back down to protect my academic future by saying, "I'm ur bitch". Its amazing how long hate can stay in your heart....


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Feb 2, 2002
i don't remember any dreams i have, thanks to the copious amounts of dope i smoke before bed. But when that's not possible, i rarely have dreams about HS... moreso reoccurring dreams that began in HS, which were probably about the **** i went through, just heavily covered by the subconscious... i had a ****** time in HS so I spent a lot of time in therapy for a couple of year trying to forget.


question fear

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Apr 10, 2003
The "Garden" state
i had nightmares the whole summer after college that i hadn't graduated, was missing a credit, etc.
but i've heard of other people having the same types of dreams...


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Feb 18, 2003
My HS experience was decent. Remembered in wistful nostalgia and amusing anecdotes as opposed to nightmares.

I actually never have nightmares. Occasionally I have dreams that are somewhat unsettling, but also very compelling. I am usually more interested by the nature of the experience of dreams than anything else.

Fascinating stuff.


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Jul 16, 2002
back in NYC!
High school is fun. I get really fed up with some of the 3 year olds that attend this school who have somehow managed to get 17 and 18 year old bodies, but it isn't hard to ignore them. Most of the time...

If you find a good group of friends, and don't associate with people who are idiots then everything should go fine.


Doctor Q

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Sep 19, 2002
Los Angeles
Great topic, mymemory!

I wonder if students who work hard in school are more likely to have "missed the test" dreams or "forgot to study for the test" dreams or "can't do the homework" dreams because they are more concerned about school, compared to students who shrug it off. If so, it may not have to do with how well you do in school, but rather how hard you try. It would sure be interesting to see a study about this or statistics about it.

Lacking that, I can contribute one more person's worth of experience, which doesn't really match my theory. I didn't work exceptionally hard in school but did well anyway, have finished college, and have a "missed class and here comes a test" dream now and then, including one last night. And no, I hadn't seen this thread before bed!


Jul 9, 2000
mymemory said:
I do? I am 29 and I still waking up in the morning scare to death because I didn't study for the test or the final we have today or I forgot about that homework!!! I graduated 10 years ago and I still having those flashbacks in the morning, of course they make my life so nice when I realize it was just a bad dream but God! I can have a heart attack if I still dream that in my 80's :(

i do get dreams that i didn't study for a test or that i missed an entire semester of a class that i forgot i even signed up for...but not from hs but from college and i graduated ten years ago's so strange

the only high school dreams i get are romantic dreams and how much anguish that whole dating scene was then...i had a semi girlfriend or two in 11th grade and a real girlfriend in the second semester of my senior year...but i spent the whole four years wanting a girlfriend...and i graduated from high school 22 years ago

at my 20th year hs reunion it was terrible how much i forgot and how much it seemed like we all aged, but in some respects, or at least when the alcohol kicked in, it seemed like no time had passed at all...but then most of us would talk about our high school or middle school aged kids and then that would bring reality back in and no matter how you slice, it we are all now middle aged...some of us just hide it better ;)


Jul 9, 2000
Mechcozmo said:
:eek: :(
Please don't scare me!

I still have a couple of years left...
high school doesn't have to be scary or's really what you make of it

many, if not most people will say that it was the happiest time in one's life...don't be scared to join clubs, sports, date, and have fun with friends...that can make all the difference for most of us

and since most people will go straight to full time or part time work after senior year in high school, the rest of life can seem hard, tedious, and stressful by comparison and you will hear statements like, "your school years are the best of your life" and if you make it that way, then they can be the best years of your life

remember, anything bad in high school that you don't like will last no more than four years...i know people who have joined the military for 20 years, gone into a stressful family business for 20 years, or gone to work for a terrible company for 20 years and hated every minute of it

i was too busy complaining about the things i didn't like in high school, but i did find there is much more to complain about in post high school life...bills, rent, mortgage, loans, bill collectors, fixing appliances and living space, fixing car, car payments, crime, terrible boss, terrible employees, problems in marriage, kids, in laws, etc...there is certainly much more stress in real life after high school

hindsight is 20/20 and there is no way to know that the freedom from stress you have in k-12 can be a blessing and school problems and decisions you face now will not likely have lifelong effects like adult decisions like marriage, kids, buying a house, starting a restaurant, etc...and bad decisions you make in high school are a lot more likely to be reversed easily than a post high school real world decision

my chemistry and physics teacher in high school used to console us when we got bad grades by saying, "five years from now, will it make a difference?" ;)

he knew that maybe good grades on tests can give you a better grade in class and that a better grade in a class can affect your overall gpa and a slightly better overall gpa can get you into a slightly better college, and maybe college can get you a better job...but other decisions, like mentioned above like marriage, kids, mortgage, etc have a far more profound effect on one's life than bad grades or not getting suzy to say yes to the homecoming dance ;)