Do you think the big smartphone providers should move into the home ISP biz?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Jason Beck, May 12, 2011.

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    Jason Beck

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    Why not try and move into the home Internet market by including tethering free in their service? It's convenient, moderately fast, and you can use all your devices with it. I think they are missing out on a chunk of consumer revenue there. By my thread title, I mean aggressively marketing against home providers.

    ATT now supports unlimited data for the low price of $30 a month. Did we mention free tethering for all your devices? We just did. (Sample Ad)

    I think something like that could really knock comcast and the like for a loop. They will understand, slowly, Virgin and Sprint did when they increased to flat rated CHEAP unlimited data plans. (Source, my 25$ unlimited droid pay as you go bill) I also see creditted plans going away some day too. It saves them legal troubles pursuing accounts that owe money and will draw more customers because of the lack of a credit check and the ability to draw your own connection at your own convenience with a USB stick or smartphone.

    Come on phone companies. Get in on this and make some more money : )

    Thoughts? I would personally rather get my wireless phone provider as my ISP than Qwest. Plus you have mobility.
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    Err... read what you just wrote. By separating tethering from home internet they make more money than they would bundling tethering for "free;" or at the very least the cost of the bundle would be the same.

    Major wireless providers that don't already have the infrastructure necessary to compete in the in-home ISP market aren't going to shell out the massive expense required to stand such infrastructure up. They wouldn't be able to compete with established ISPs.
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    May 3, 2009
    Why would they do that when they're capping the bandwidth.

    Plus why offer something for free now when they charge for it.

    People will not be giving up their broadband and using tethering instead.

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