Dock and magnification suddenly aren't working correct (gif inside to see it happening)


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Oct 31, 2015

Video of what's happening on my 2017 imac. Basically yesterday I noticed my dock isn't working right. I've had it set to 'hide' automatically so I'd have more screen room and that's worked great for years... but as of sunday I couldn't get it to pop up. So I go in the system preferences>dock and disable the auto hide. I'm now seeing that the magnification doesn't work either despite being enabled properly.

I followed the troubleshooting tips of going in terminal and using
killall Dock
defaults delete; killall Dock

I rebooted in safe mode and it still doesn't work correctly. I'm even noticing if I have an app full screen, I can't pull up the top menu by putting my mouse to the top of the screen, have to reset the whole computer. :(

Any ideas what is going on? I'm on 10.15.2 and haven't touched any settings in ages. Thank you!