Dock+ charging dock for iPhone 5


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May 28, 2009
Montreal, Canada
I saw this iPhone 5 dock appearing on Kickstarter. Thought you guys may be interested. I'm myself debating on ordering one.

It looks like the perfect dock, the only problem is that it's pretty pricy ($59) and only ships in March.

It's made in USA from a machined single block of steel. It's so heavy that you can lift your iPhone with a single hand and the dock stays in place.

It comes with either a 3 or 6 foot USB cable that charges and sync but doesn't include the USB to wall adapter unless you pay an additional $20. It also has a sound amplifying chamber and removable foams so that it fits different case sizes. It comes in either black, white, or raw steel (limited edition).

Here's the official website and Kickstarter page.

I am not affiliated with this Kickstarter project, just wondering if I should order one.

What do you guys think? Worth it or waste of money?
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