Doctors prefer patients with Medicare over private insurance

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    I guess the capitalist approach to health care isn't all that appealing after all.
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    They have different objectives.

    Medicare hopes to help/cure people, but HMO's just pretend that is their objective. Their real mantra is profit.

    No wonder doctors prefer dealing with Medicare. Less hassle about the course of treatment.
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    Jun 12, 2009
    That's one way to read it...

    This appears to me to be more an issue of private insurance finally catching on to what Medicare/Medicaid has been doing for years. The private companies have just likely gotten so much worse about squeezing every dime that M/M is more attractive from a billing standpoint.

    Years ago, M/M was considered much, much worse about it.

    My perspective is from being directly responsible for patient billing at one of the county hospitals I worked at. For most, we just charted - for this one, we charted and billed. Ugh.
  4. mscriv, Jun 28, 2011
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    The truth is that healthcare providers prefer private pay, no hassle, no filing paperwork, etc. However, since that is by far the minority of their patients then insurance becomes the norm. And, when choosing between insurance companies, providers prefer the one that requires the least amount of work for them (credentialing, billing, oversight, pre-authorization, documentation, etc.).

    Here's the problem. The lax oversight that typically comes along with Medicare/Medicaid can lead to greater abuses of the system, lower quality of care, and massive waste of public funds. I see it day in and day out in my profession. Nobody likes accountability, but it's necessary in all businesses, especially healthcare.
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    I imagine that since there are so many Medicare patients, the office staff figures out the process of filing the claims pretty quickly; however, with so many different private insurance companies each requiring the claims to be filed in a specific manner, the office staff cannot be nearly as efficient in those cases.

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