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May 31, 2015
That or just short videos like YouTube Videos only ?


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Mar 27, 2020
Very rarely i'll watch on my phone. Always my tv or laptop. Don't really watch anything if i'm not at home.

Don't like watching videos on the ipad since it's 4:3 aspect ratio is no good for video especially movies.


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Sep 24, 2020
If its something that only interest me (no one else in the house) I use iPhone/iPad (I don't like using the MacBook for YT, N, etc.). If its something we're watching as a family then fire up the AppleTV. I find it easier to move around and multi-task if I'm using a mobile device. That plus BT ear buds...I'm a multitasking MACHINE! ?
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Feb 24, 2009
I'll watch YouTube/Instagram videos on my phone but anything longer than 5-10 minutes gets saved for when I can watch it on TV.

now i see it

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Jan 2, 2002
I used my 6 Plus for everything for 5 years. I finally broke down and now watch videos on a MacBook and also use ithe MacBook for accessing websites that don't work right on iOS.


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Apr 27, 2016
New Jersey
Before COVID yes, I used my iPhone a lot more than I do now. My son is involved in sports, extra curricular activities, etc, so I found myself using it to pass the time while waiting at a practice and what not. Nowadays, no not so much. My routine is work (sitting at a computer), then home where I'm currently taking some classes so not so much anymore. I've actually thought about downgrading from my Pro Max this year as my phone has mainly been used a phone for me lately.


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Jul 8, 2011
I don't use my phone to watch anything but I do use my iPad for it. Some times the tv disturbs my wife so a great alternative is my iPad and Airpods.


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Jul 20, 2019
Blackburn, Lancashire, UK
No, only use it for YouTube viewing,camera and listening to music and obviously communicating, browse Reddit and life invader Facebook.
main media is watched on iPad, sky sports if she’s watching some tosh on Netflix.


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Mar 11, 2013
Nearly all of the tv I do watch is on my iPad as I live with others and just prefer to keep to myself.

I rarely watch videos on my phone unless it’s a quick YouTube video during lunch.

Lately my iPad usage has been 60% Hulu, 30% web browsing, 10% misc


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Feb 22, 2020
Depends. I usually prefer watching things on my TV, even for Youtube stuff. But the phone is still useful when I want to consume content in places like the toilet, or when I'm on my bed. :D The TV is still my first choice though.


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May 2, 2015
That or just short videos like YouTube Videos only ?

When I am sitting I use HP laptop for gaming, watching youtube etc...When I am in bed then Samsung Galaxy Fold 1 for youtube, media consumption. Movies, shows on Sony TV. I guess you want to say these expensive smart phones & tablets are useless. We should buy $30 flip phone for talking and messaging since most of the media consumtion we do on other products.


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Dec 31, 2015
Innsbruck, Austria
I watch most movies on my TV (because OLED), but for TV shows, YouTube etc. I pretty much always use my iPad as I can take it with me while roaming through my apartment and also I prefer its UI.


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Dec 26, 2007
I only watch very short videos on my phone, but my 12.9” iPad replaced my TV years ago.


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Apr 8, 2013
Only short videos like YouTube clips. However I prefer to use my iPad Pro 11 or iPad mini for watching longer videos, or even my Apple TV. Even for YouTube videos I watch them more on my iPads.


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Mar 9, 2020
I use it as my pocket pc pretty much. I rarely use it as an actual phone because I have no life outside of my family and work lol. So I stream from everyone and use a KEF Bluetooth speaker or my Sonos depending on which room I'm in, i.e. kitchen doing dishes or another room. Lately I've been hitting Mario Kart pretty hard. Right now I'm at my pc and it is glorious that my kids are not on it for once. I have iPads but rarely use them because the kids use them, they are too big for my likes, and they are out performed by my phone.


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Jan 20, 2009
an iPhone is the perfect size for one or two people to watch a movie and or tv show. Or read a book.

to read a novel:
Could be anything, video, photo but i move a book that in intend to read from my home hard drive into my iPhone. Than book is local to my iPhone and it takes very little battery life to pull it up. and read it for hours. Ihe book is there for me when i need it during lunch breaks, on the lite rail commute, etc.

I use the following tools methods:
-I try to get the book into a known format that best agrees with the ios reader app I have on my iPhone. Use the macOS app "Calibre" to convert.
-Having the converted file on my iMac. verify he iMac & Iphone are both on my home LAN network. Than i get the built in macOS "Finder" file sharing working on the iMac.
-Use the ios applicaiton "FEFileExplorer" (the built in ios "Files" app will work too) to get the iPhone to find the file sharing on the iMac. You will need to know the LAN ip address of your iMac 4example; smb:// enter this text string into the FEFileExplorer Connections area along with iMac user id and file share pw. With the iMac & Iphone now connected over your home LAN you should see a macOS "finder" file list on your iPhone via "FEFileExplorer". High lite your book you want to copy over. Actually its a share operation.
-Pull down on the high lited file in what ever book format you choose above and share it into your ios reader app. I use the free ios app "Marvin" which works best witn an .EPUB formatted book.
-Success! See the book in side your reader app on your iPhone, in my case "Marvin". The book is local to your iPhone so you can turn off your iPhone wifi. When your done with the book delete it uusing the reader app, "Marvin".

dont shoot the messanger:
-if you confused, bad you took this long to get this far into my little dissertation. You have the concept + key words so youTube it.
-methods here get a book off a macOS device onto an ios portable device. Actually will work with any device any media: music, photo, video, pdf.
-Your iPhone has some local connectivity, so think inside the box, that is you dont need to open expose just everything on the WWW.
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Jul 12, 2013
New York
I alternate between my iPad Pro and my Pro Max. When I’m home, I use my iPad for video consumption and then I use my phone to color on my favorite coloring app. When I’m out of the house, my phone is my main device for everything

Pilot Jones

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Oct 2, 2020
if i'm at home, I'll watch nothing longer than 10 minutes on my phone. my laptop is usually only an arm's reach away and i prefer to use that at all times for content.


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Sep 16, 2014
I often use my Iphone for media consumption, even though I have an Ipad. I always got the + sized and now max sized iphone's so I can get 1080p. Now that you brought it up, ill definitely use my Ipad or mac more often, reduce the eye strain just a tiny bit.
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