Does Sprint let a person pay a non service penalty fee?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by DBZmusicboy01, Aug 1, 2013.

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    Lets say a person can't pay their phone bill at the $80 price anymore. Is there a way Sprint lets the person pay a fee that does not include the service but to be able to finish off the contract without lowering the credit score?
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    Like lower the monthly service to a cheaper or the cheapest plan out there maybe? I don't see why not.
    As long as you keep service with them and you pay them then they shouldn't damage your credit. If you ignore them and the account goes to a collection agency then you can bet your credit score will take a dive and it will impact you negatively for years till you take care of it.
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    Sure, that's what the ETF is for. Only Sprint can tell you how much it is.
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    Sprint used to have what's called "Suspended Service." It means you can suspend the service for like $10 a month or so. The problem in this hypothetical case is that the service also affected the contract end date.

    Let's say that service was suspended for four months. Your contract date was thus extended four months (picking up where you left off).

    So, even if the service still exists you can't use it to pass the time to the contract end date. You also can't use your phone during the time the service is suspended.

    I can tell you what happens if you can't pay the bill.

    First you'll have about a week to a week and a half after the due date before they cut off your service. The bill will go to their internal collections. At this point you're still dealing with Sprint. About a month after they'll pull your phone number and send it to collections.

    The debt is remembered. By that I mean, that if you don't pay off collections if you ever come back you will be forced to pay what you owe before they restore service.

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