Does the Griffin Survivor distort the new iPad 3rd generation's retina display?


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May 27, 2008
I have asked elsewhere but I don't think anyone has answered this yet and I need to pick up a protective case ASAP.

I have the Otterbox Defender but the screen protector distorts the display (creates a sort of colorful grainy look, the dots of light are small but it really makes the display look like crap).

I need the most protection I can get while making the device functional as I will be taking it into the Amazon jungle and Andes mountains. So I need *real* protection and not some office friendly portfolio or Smart Cover.

Anyway, I thought about the Gumdrop Drop case but I heard that it also distorts the new iPad's display.

I'm about to try the Griffin Survivor myself but would rather have someone who already has the case and the new iPad let me know if the screen protector creates distortion.

I understand that the screen protector can be removed from both the Otterbox Defender and the Gumdrop Drop case, but I need something close to air tight to protect it from the elements.

Screen shots are welcomed (I might be posting some of my own of the Otterbox case tonight or something.

Thanks for your help.


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Feb 11, 2009
Greenville, SC
I'd assume the Otterbox does distort the retina display if it's anything like the material used on the iPhone. I don't get it: OtterBox just now decides to include a built-in screen protector on a retina display iPad.


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Mar 25, 2012
Yeah, the survivor has that same grainy look to it. I bought one and it is back in the box waiting to be returned. You get used to it, but as soon as you take it off you really notice how beautiful that new iPad screen really is. My major concern, however, are the rubber flaps that go over the camera, speaker, and microphone. These flaps will not stayed pinned when you need them to. They offer great protection, but get in the way when you need to use the camera.

I need a case for field work at my job, but realistically, I don't think I need that much protection that I need my camera and mic covered. Unless you are working in sandstorms or a life guard at the beach this case is overkill. I'm still thinking about the gumdrop case and somehow removing the screen protector. I'm just not sure how it well it look. Anyone have any experience with this?

Oh, in case anyone wanted to know, using a bamboo stylus with the survivor was an annoying experience.


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Jan 23, 2008
I was just in BestBuy today and noticed the Griffin Survivor is on sale for $59. I have my BB reciepts emailed to me so I went to CS and they matched the price for me. Just passing on the info.