Does the iPhone 5 come with protective film out of the package?

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    This is a two-part question. The second part is, does this protective film work okay as a temporary screen protector? The basic situation is that I'm getting the iPhone 5 tomorrow but I'm unable to get a screen protector until later, so I was wondering if the protective film would work for a couple days, or if touch responsiveness isn't great through the protective film. And yes, I'm aware that I could just remove the film on day one and then clean the screen before putting on the screen protector, but for the purposes of this scenario I'd rather not do that.
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    What protective film are you on about? it doesn't come with any screen protector out of the box, but with gorilla glass 2, which, while I've never managed to scratch a phone with gorilla glass before, enough people seem to have managed.
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    There is a protective film covering both the back and the front. You need to press a bit harder than usually to use the home-button, but in case you're nervous about that you can just use the assistive touch-home button (or whatever it's called).

    Probably the protective film that covers any and all new iPhones in the box...
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    The plastic covers the earpiece so if you intend on using it as a screen protector, make sure you cut that part out so you can hear your calls.

    And to the poster who says he never scratched a screen:
    True, Gorilla Glass doesn't scratch, BUT the Oleophobic coating does indeed scratch and wear off over time. And no, it wasn't kept in a pocket with keys and coins.

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