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Discussion in 'Games' started by djstarrock, Jan 28, 2007.

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    Nov 23, 2006
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    Hi I'm wanting a that you set up domino's and then knock them down.



    (a bit later still)

    There must be someone who knows.

    (not too much later)

    Oh come on, there must be one.
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    Aug 23, 2005
    Its like a sketch from Little Britain

    Enter scene.

    An small dusty toy shop. An old man is working behind the counter.

    The ringing of the door bell as a strange looking man enters the shop.

    shop keeper = oh hello

    man = hello I wonder if you have a game where you set up dominos and knock them down.

    shop keeper = you mean a pack of domino's ?

    man = yes dominos, but no, not a pack of dominos, an actual game.

    shop keeper = oh

    man = oh (stares blankly at shop keep without expressing any emotion)

    shop keep (looking flustered) = one second let me ask margaret she might know.

    shop keeper approacs a curtained off door on the other side of the counter and calls up to his wife

    shop keeper (calling out) = margaret, MARGARET

    There is a hestiant pause. Both shop keep and man give a cautious unwilling smile

    womans voice = YES

    shop keeper = Margaret, theres a man here who wants a Domino game

    man interjects the conversation = that can be knocked down.

    shop keeper (adding to his question) = that can be knocked down. Do we have one ?

    There is a further pause. The uncomfortable silence is tenable.

    womans voice (breaks the silence) = george, GEORGE.

    Shop keeper = yes ?

    womans voice = do you mean a pack of dominos ?

    shop keep = repeating what has just been called down to him "you mean a pack of domino's"

    man = no not a pack of dominos, a domino game

    shop keeper = oh, 1 second.

    (calling back up to his wife)

    shop keeper = Margaret, not a pack of dominos. A domino game.

    Womans voice = oh.

    shop keeper (repeating his wife) = oh

    Womans voice = no I dont think theres anything like that.

    shop keeper = she says "she doesnt think theres anything like that"

    man = oh, ok then. I'll just wait here........

    They both stare at each other, man unflinching in his emotionless state.

    Exit scene.

    ----------- bottom line answer : no ---------------
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