Donald Trump: The Art of the Deal. The Movie

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by vrDrew, Feb 12, 2016.

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    Funny or Die released Donald Trump: The Art of Deal earlier this week.

    Johnny Depp (proving he's a much better actor than he is a journalist) captures Trump's verbal and physical tics perfectly. And the fifty-minute movie is packed full of hilarious 1980s references. The unforgettable mental image of a "world-class Trump dump." And Alf.

    Kenny Loggins provides the movie theme song in perfect 1980s action-movie style. The lyrics for Loggins Art of the Deal are, by themselves, hilarious.

    The thing is, on a certain level I could see the real Donald Trump, and his supporters, gladly embracing the song as their theme. They simply don't care that their hero is an oafish vulgarian.

    And thats the problem with Donald Trump - the candidate. He's pretty much immune to comedy or parody.

    Thats not the fault of the Ron Howard/Johnny Depp Movie. Its a problem with 2016 America.
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    That went over my head. Did you mix him up with Sean Penn by mistake?
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    Yes.. I did in fact totally mix them up.

    I saw Johnny Depp stumbling through an episode of Overhauling' a few weeks ago and must have mentally got them confused with Sean Penn's tête-à-tête with El Chapo.

    Thanks for pointing that out....
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    vrDrew has done it again... Many sentences to explain his vitriol. He should just respond with " I hate republicans" for every response or thread he provides.

    It would save time.
  5. Populism, Feb 12, 2016
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    Which country - 'cording to you - is gettin' it right in 2016, since you needlessly raise the comparison.

    [Betch'yall a donut vrDrew don't respondz.]

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