Dont dismiss Apple gaming rumors !

Discussion in 'Games' started by neildmitchell, May 25, 2005.

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    May 21, 2005
    :eek: Do NOT immediately dismiss this rumor! :eek:
    I can see the Apple Game rumor come into existance!
    Time Magazine May 23, 2005 Inside Bill's New X-Box
    Page 50 The Conquest of the Living Room
    (bold italicised=existing Apple technology, in contrast to article)

    ...D.E.L Digital Entertainment Lifestyle
    This is shorthand for the notion that all media—movies, music, games, camers, phones, TV—are becoming digital media, and thats changing how we relate to them and how they relate to one another. Theyre merging into a single integrated, portable, customizable media gestalt. ....

    Which is why, in addition to games, the Xbox 360 plays CDs. (iTunes) You can also use it to rip songs off CDs and play them from your hard drive. You can plug your iPodinto the Xbox 360 and play songs off that too. You can watch DVDs on it.(iPhoto) If you have a digital camera, you can plug it into the Xbox 360 and pop images up on your TV, which beats having everybody crowd around the computer monitor in your study.(Airport) If you have sufficient techno-gumption, you can even connect the Xbox 360 to your PC wirelessly, via wi-fi and access whatever music and pictures you have stored there. ....
    ...has a fully fledged online service, called Xbox live, to go with its game console... Companies will use Live to distribute game trailers and sell mini-games and new game levels... (iChat)Right now you can use Xbox Live to talk to people your playing with via voice chat—think of free long distance over the internet. (Mail and iChat)Soon you will be able to send email and instant messages. (iSight)If you have a camera peripheral, you will be to send short video messages and even video conference... You will be able to chat with other people over Xbox Live when your just plain watching TV. The words appear over the show or you can chat aloud using a headset.

    Apple has all that, they just need set top box and games.
    One thing does throw a caution flag on all this though, Microsoft has lost $1 billion a year since November 2001 on Xbox

    the iBox rumor from 2004

    Apple may be releasing a device known as the 'iBox', according to a rumor report published at The iBox is said to be a combo TV tuner/program recorder/hard drive/Airport networkable device running a G3 CPU with iTunes and iPhoto compatibility. The G3 was a 500MHz unit originally, but is now running a 900MHz G3 in more recent demonstration units. RAM is 128MB (built-in) and the iBox is said to sport a 120GB hard drive. It also has FireWire 400, USB 2.0, 10/100 Ethernet, AirPort Extreme, BlueTooth, RCA I/O and S-Video.

    The iBox reportedly runs an application called iBox Remote, which can schedule recording times like a VCR. It also allows remote access so users can program the iBox from work or elsewhere. ( COULD THIS BE AIRPORT REMOTE? )

    The article also says that the iBox has a SuperDrive built in, as well as a version of iDVD for program editing. Additional features reportedly include iTunes, which any Mac or PC networked with the iBox can access.

    The price for all this magic? $395-$595, depending on storage configuration.
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    Mar 17, 2004
    Microsoft isn't doing anything original here. I'd say there is a far better chance of Apple-Sony since Sony was onstage with Apple.

    You're actively looking to find connections that don't really exist, no offense. Let me show you what I mean.

    My Sega CD back in the day did that. PS3 definitely does.

    PS3 does this too.

    PS3 does this too. It's specificly compatible with iPod.

    PS3 does this, as did the PS2 and XBox.

    PS3 as well.

    Not only does PS3 reportedly have this, but it should be noted that in the case of streaming on the XBox 360 it ONLY works with Windows Media Center Edition. Don't see the hand of Apple in there anywhere.

    Same as PS3 and even Nintendo Revolution.

    PS3 offers the same service.

    Not sure but I'd assume so, at least on messages.

    EXCEPT only if you're paying for Live Gold. Meanwhile PS3 offers

    Except that Microsoft already has all of that as well. Why would they go to Apple?
    Sony on the other hand does not have an OS of their own and would need to go to either Microsoft (their direct competitor) or Apple or Linux, or start from scratch.

    Not to mention the hints that the PS3 may have iTunes integration. (rumor)

    Then there are the Nintendo-Apple conspiracy theorists, but I won't get into that.
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    May 21, 2005
    companies batteling over the living room


    Im not always the best at transfering my thoughts into type, but I hope this clears up any confusion on what I was trying to get at. :eek:

    We are about to see quite possibly, companies batteling over the living room. Rumors of Apple creating a new "iBox" or gaming console should not be scoffed at completely. I did not intend to say that Microsoft was doing anything original, that Xbox 360 was something special...

    We will see many companies including Apple competing for Living room control, I used Microsoft as the example since the Time article clearly shows who Microsoft is targeting with Xbox 360, and what it has to offer this wider audience that they are targeting. Besides the games, Apple has all those features, to wich they can throw into a pretty white box with the Apple logo on it, call it "iBox", target the already exisiting loyals and the wide audience that Apple has captured with iPod and compete or at least stake the Apple claim in the livingrooms of (possibly) millions.

    "The old Xbox is large and forbidding, a matte black and poisonous green plastic crate the size of a VCR. Perfect for hard core gammers, maybe but if Microsoft wanted to grow its audience, Allard knew the Xbox had to look kinder and gentler. The goal was a design that was welcoming, but not wimpy, that snagged the soccor moms and NASCAR dads and Britney girls—without loosing the Halo boys. ...
    We asked people who do you think designed this? And they said Sony or Apple, that was a seminal moment "

    My main objective was to express that in my opinion Apple is most likely in serious deveolpment of a new living room appliance.There has been many rumors of Apple coming up with some sort of new gadget, whether it be something along the lines of the rumored "iBox" a TV internet appliance that connects wirelessly to via Airport and/or the recently discoved error message Airport Remote Airport Remote which back in 2004 named iBox remote
    "which can schedule recording times like a VCR. It also allows remote access so users can program the iBox from work or elsewhere."

    With the recent addition of video downloads from iTunes, the recent poll "Are you interested in full-length movies for sale online?", led me back to believe even stronger that Apple is prob. developing a set top box of some sort. Yes you could download the movie on your primary computer, burn a dvd and then take it into the living room and watch it, but wouldnt it be easier to download it from a set top box already connected to your tv, and be able to burn a disc from your set top box?

    The rumors of Apple creating a gaming division and the somewhat recent poll asking people Should Apple spend resources on developing their own Games?
    makes me believe even stronger that in the near future we will see a set top box from Apple with or without games.

    With the rumors of a Apple tablet, that could be one of the input device for such a product and/or a stand alone....

    Does the idea of Apple competing to stake its claim in the "living room market" seem too far fetched? (and Sony, Microsoft...)
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    Mar 14, 2004
    "Wherever you go, there you are..."
    So does the original Xbox :eek: if the 360 didn't it would be a step backwards :eek:

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    Mar 17, 2004
    No kidding! :D
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    Mar 3, 2004
    the great OKLAHOMA....
    say the "iBox" was real. It would not have a dvd burner.... why would you want that for a console? i just want killer speed games, and i want support by the new ati or Nvidia cards.
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    Jan 21, 2002
    Langley, Washington
    Actually of all the next-gen Gaming Systems, and possible Apple Partnerships, I see Nintendo-Apple as the most likely. Reason goes to a long-term relationship Nintendo and Apple have had. In fact, Apple continued to produce Apple IIe into the mid-90s because Nintendo used the same chips in the SNES and the software developers could just use a IIe to design games, instead of expensive emulation software for PCs and SGIs. Also, one of the revolutionary things about the Revolution might be a software design system for Mac, and the ability to use the iPod as either a controller or a storage device for game-data.


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