Don't let your 7 year olds near this cop...they might get ticketed

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    In today's installment of The Sphincter People, we bring you the tale of Officer Cody Chapelle, whose own chief will admit that he's not among Louisville's Finest. It appears that a 7-year-old boy was playing with a ball when he threw it, striking the officer's truck...

    It didn't cause any damage, and Chapelle could have easily smoothed out the situation by calmly talking to the kid about where one should and should not chuck balls.

    If he weren't a huge *******.

    But the main problem here is that Chapelle is an ******* of Grand Canyon magnificence. He actually wrote the kid a ticket for third-degree criminal mischief, which would make a cool thing to bring to show and tell.

    He also yelled at the boy's mom and called her a bad mother. We don't have confirmation on this, but he likely even told the kid his arm sucked and that he'd never grow up to play third base.

    The incident no doubt embarrassed Chief Robert White, who wants Louisville to think of his officers as friendly, helpful, protectors of the community. That's why the city doesn't have the slogan "We're *******s to Small Children & Moms" stenciled on the side of its squad cars.

    In a rare case of publicly chastising an officer, White told the Louisville Courier-Journal that "One of our greatest attributes we have as police officers is common sense," and that the ticket sent a "horrendous message. It was absolutely absurd."

    So he suspended Chapelle for 15 day for Conduct Unbecoming Even a ********.

    Though he could easily confessed to having a bad day, claiming he was hungover and his wife had called him a ****** lover, Chapelle refuses to man up. No, he's appealing, claiming he has a clean record, the ball did indeed cause damage, and that he's a tight-ass who has no idea how to cut his losses.

    The ticket, as you might have expected, has since been dismissed.

    See our last story from The Sphincter People file: Takara Davis, 13, Given Jaywalking Ticket While Being Rushed to Surgery After Being Hit By Car.
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    No one is above the law right, that means 7 year olds! lol
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    I'm not sure how much it was for but when I saw this, I couldn't help but think of this

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