Doomsday Savior? How Paul Ryan Will Pick the Next President

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    That might also be why they're playing political games against Obama. Not because he's a Centrist Democrat or even the more popular excuse that "he's a black guy so they hate him for that", but because the chances are high that the scenario adumbrated above will occur.
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    Though why the candidate with the most votes would still not be allowed to win in favor of congressional edict.
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    Excellent word choice. I had to look that one up. :cool:
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    Unless the third candidate can get Democrat votes the idea adumbrated in the article won't happen. Clinton will still win the Obama blue states and might win a few red states too if the votes split right.
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    Exactly the far more likely option is if the Republicans run someone on a third party ticket is they run someone like Cruz. and Clinton wins big because Trump and Cruz split the vote throughout the South which has been one of Clinton's strong points. That has two benefits to the Republicans, one it stops Trump so they don't have to deal with the embarrassment of having him elected President as a Republican, and two it makes Cruz much less likely for 2020. The Republicans have a history of giving the nomination to the runner up from the last election cycle, and both Trump and Cruz are losing candidates, if they can run both of them this time around then they probably won't have to deal with either in 2020 and can run a good candidate against Hillary.

    Even if there is a third party that throws it to the House it looks bad for the Republicans. The Freedom Caucus won't go along with a moderate pick, so it will come down to the establishment having to compromise with the Democrats to get someone elected, or just letting there be no president and having Paul Ryan as acting President, but that would be a further reinforcer of Republican obstructionism, and would result in disaster in the house and Senate in 2018.
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    Guy in Politico says it could be even weirder, with John Kasich getting to make the pick. He has authored a book on history of US disputed elections. He’s Edward B. Foley, professor of law at The Ohio State University. Book = The History of Disputed Elections in the United States (Oxford University Press, 2016).

    otoh, he could just be pitching his book.... I'd like to think all these scenarios of razor edge elections are behind us, we've had enough excitement over hanging chads to last a century.
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    If the GOP does that it would be AWESOME AS it would kill them :D
    Burn baby burn
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    Still it's like when you start a war, you never really know how things are going to turn out... surely we don't want to end up with only one major party in the USA. That did not work out great for Mexico all those years of PRI, right? So probably we don't want the GOP to just disappear itself during the implosion they're apparently having. They need to reform themselves and stop shooting themselves in the butt, foot, face, gut. What an embarrassment.

    We need the so-called traditional Republicans to get a grip and start appealing to a broader set of American voters. We need updated versions of the kind of Republicans who were able to negotiate with Democrats without threatening to default on Treasury obligations that are held by people and governments all over the world.

    To be more attractive to more voters, they probably also have to move a little to the left of where they are now on energy (so on environment, climate change), even on social policy; their overall attitude towards women when you think about the impact of their domestic platform is shocking in the 21st century. And on foreign policy, the whole neocon thing is not that appealing to younger voters in general.

    Making such changes would really tick off the Freedom Caucus and the voters that created that bunch. Okay but essentially the Freedom Caucus has to bite the bullet and become the separate party it already is in everything but name. They have hidden out under the wing of traditional Republicans for too long.

    But how to make them leave? I don't know if a party can drum out a caucus but Freedom Caucus sure deserves it. Maybe at the convention if it's brokered and not to Cruz, they will bolt the party and solve one problem if not the one of how to get a Republican sworn into the White House in January.

    Anyway you look at it, I figure Reince Priebus is done heading up the RNC after this season. That bunch of neocons trying to put up a Republican as a potential third party candidate now may not succeed in doing that, but I bet they can find a way to convince the GOP to show Reince the door before the next President is sworn in. They need new leadership interested in making a party that can elect a president of all the people. A party that won't disrespect the next president of color that the Democrats elect, for instance.

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