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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by patent10021, Nov 5, 2013.

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    Close to pulling the trigger on a second Thunderbolt display but with the prices of flat screen TVs I thought there might be some other options. Are there any smaller TVs that I could double as a TV for movies as well as graphic design and photography work? It doesn't have to be as good as an Apple display and it doesn't need to be larger than 40" / 37" etc.
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    From my experience of hooking my laptop up to my full hd 40" Samsung TV via HDMI, the resolution looks pretty poor. The problem with larger screens is they simply stretch the resolution. My laptop has a full HD screen built in so the TV simply stretches the desktop to the size of the screen. Fine for movies although not as good as a Blu Ray player.

    I too am interested in a multifunction monitor / TV but due to my experience with the 40", I'm looking at screens 30" or smaller.

    If anyone had any experience with these, please feedback.

    I can't warrant the £800+ for the apple display so looking for more reasonable alternatives.
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    Yeah even a TV that is 27" / 32" would be good because then at least you could watch cable TV on it and it wouldn't be limited to only computer stuff.

    I hope the future Apple TV will double as a computer display. They really need some kind of [42" Apple Display/TV] combo sets.

    Would be crazy of them not to be thinking of that. 27" and 42" models would be perfect for the people that need a combo like setup. Then they could have larger 50" 60" TVs that are only TVs.

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