Double Standard much: Penn State vs The Catholic Church and it's Bishops

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    after watching the Penn State drama coming to a satisfyingly punishign conclusion I was struck by the double standard that is playing out here. Penn State Football practically got euthanized and the school lost a significant driver for its funding and a number of it's official may face lengthy jail sentences. Yet here we are talking about a school hiding the misdeeds of a single man.

    What about then the systematic, widespread abuse in the catholic church, the bishops that not only obstructed justice by not turning these criminals in but also aided and abetted their crimes by moving them from parish to parish. Why are they not in jail and why has the catholic church not been censured and deprived of a significant chunk of it's wealth......
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    Whole-heartedly agree.
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    Nothing the Roman Catholic church does surprises me any more, they were one of the main helpers to fleeing Nazis after the war; supplying papers and safe houses.:(

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