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Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by LucasLand, Jun 1, 2003.

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    This is a neat little program that saves mp3's that are currently playing on internet radio stations. Apparently this is legal because you are getting songs that the radio station is paying royalties for. When It starts up, choose what genre you like and how many songs you want. When you come back to your computer after some time (depending on how many songs your request) you will have a whole collection of great songs. Trash the ones you hate and put the ones you like in itunes. It seems to works great for me. I had it on for about 15 mins and i had songs from good charlotte, joan osborne & QOTSA, etc.

    From a legal perspective, this is very much like using your Tivo (which is legal), but for the radio. It is very different from file sharing for several reasons:

    1) Artists get paid with Wimpus: internet radio stations pay for each song that is broadcast, so the producers get paid. This doesn't happen with file sharing.
    2) Wimpus offers time-shifting (recording something now for listening later), which is legal under existing copyright law. Sharing files that you would never legally have access to is a violation of copyright and isn't protected under the fair use exception.
    From website:

    What is Wimpus?
    Simply put, Wimpus is what your radio wishes it was. We're building a personal radio system that learns what you like and finds new music for you that you'll probably enjoy.

    Is it hard to use?
    No. Simply launch Wimpus, select your favorite type of music on the left, how many songs you'd like (careful, you can easily fill up your hard drive!) and press "Start". At this point you may want to take a nap. In fact it's best to start Wimpus before heading off to bed. In the morning you'll be surprised by all the great music you've collected! Wimpus isn't about instant gratification, it's about amassing a selection of music you might actually enjoy, but just don't know about yet.
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