Resolved Download speeds are terrible. What's going on!? (2011 AirPort Extreme)

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    I've been experiencing terrible downloads from my ISP Suddenlink for about 6 months now. On, on average/most often times, my download speed is 2.5Mbps. I am paying for the 10Mbps plan with the ISP.

    I've been thinking that it could've been the crappy Netgear router they provided 1-2 years ago finally wearing down, so this weekend I bought the 2011 AirPort Extreme to try and get some speed in this house.

    After hooking it up with my modem, and having Apple help me set it up (I'm not networking intelligent whatsoever, I'm a Hardware, OS, and software kinda guy), I am achieving similar/small improvement performance. I'm still typically getting 2.5-3Mbps downloads, with an occasional (and short-lived) hike in speed ranging 5-8Mbps. Let me repeat, those speeds are NOT steady, they are a random speed jump that lasts under 1 second.

    Currently, I have my AirPort Extreme set up this way:
    -Wireless Mode: Create a wireless network.
    -The radio mode is set to Automatic.
    -Broadcasting 2 networks, a 2.4GHz and a 5GHz (the 5GHz network is hidden).
    -The 5GHz network is on radio channel 161.
    -The 2.4GHz network is on radio channel 6.
    -Security is WPA2 Personal

    Under Wireless Network Options:
    -Country: United States
    -Multicast Rate: Low
    -Transmit Power: 100%
    -Use wide channels is checked
    -Created closed network is checked (because I'm hiding the 5GHz network)

    I have my Mac Mini connected to the 5GHz 'wireless n' band all by itself. There is no other device in the house connected to the 5GHz band. I do not understand why I am receiving such terrible speeds, I'm less than 20 feet away from the AirPort Extreme (I'm across the hall)! :(

    Is everything setup for the best performance possible according to the above description of my router set up? Have any suggestions? Ideas?

    I already have an appointment for a Suddenlink technician to come check everything out, but I want to ensure that there is no error on my part.

    Thanks for any help you guys can provide me, you always pull through!
    -Alex :apple:

    EDIT: After restarting everything completely, and using the setup above, I have managed to regain my expected download speeds of 8-10Mbps via AirPort Express. After applying the settings above, I turned off my Mac Mini, unplugged the AirPort Extreme, unplugged the Cable Modem, and then did this:

    1. Waited 30 seconds after unplugging modem, then plugged back in
    2. Waited another 30 seconds, plugged in the AE's power supply in
    3. Turned on Mac Mini

    The results of all my trouble can be seen in the photo.

    EDIT 2: I'm getting 10.08Mbps down on my iPhone 4 which is on the 2.4GHz network, and 10Mbps down with my iPad which is on the 5GHz network. I'm damn well satisfied with my purchase. Case closed.

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    Why are you using a wireless network when the router is 20 feet away from the workstation? Wireless speeds are always going to be lower than wired speeds, and you'll never get the advertised bandwidth as stated by the ISP.

    There is likely no problem with your AEBS- it's out of your control.
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    Jan 26, 2011
    I know wired is faster than wireless, :)

    I don't have it wired because I haven't had time to run a cable from the office to my room down the hall. I need to buy a long cable, and then just take the time to do it.

    My download speeds have drastically increased since I posted about this issue and continued to mess with the AE's settings. How ironic. It's like the ISP knows I'm badmouthing them online. :D

    I'm getting around 8-10.5Mbps down now.
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    Jul 24, 2006
    The Ivory Tower (I'm not coming down)
    If there's walls in between the router and workstation that's one more source of signal attenuation.

    I don't believe you, but ok.
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    Jan 26, 2011
    No belief? I understand. I'm atheist. :)

    Look at the edit. It includes photo proof.

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