Downloading movies form Itunes to the Iphone?

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    Quick synopsis I am a flim student and in one of my classes my group is shooting an Iphone commercial. In the final scene there is a movie playing on the Iphone. Someone told me something about being able to rent a movie from Itunes and then downloading it to the Iphone for the shoot. Is this possible? If so could someone please let me know how to do it, and how long it takes for this movie to load up? And if not how I can get the movie on to the Iphone? (Oh and I do not know if this matters but the movie is Something About Mary!)

    Thank you in advance
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    Don't want to be too critical, but if you're doing a commercial about the iPhone, don't you think it would have been a good idea to do some basic product research first so you know what you're advertising :confused:

    In answer to your specific question, yes you can rent a movie through the iTunes on your computer and put it onto an iPhone but you can't download it directly from the phone. The length of time it will take is entirely dependent on the speed of your internet connection (movies run at just over a gigabyte, depending on length)
    The only way to get media content onto the iPhone is through iTunes (or direct download from the iTunes store for music) - you can either buy content from the store or rip the DVD into an iPhone compatible format and import it into iTunes.

    Have a look here for much more information on the iPhone

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