iPad Pro Downloading music files from Soundcloud (or similar) and importing them to iCloud music library

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Tenhauser, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Tenhauser macrumors newbie

    Jan 24, 2011
    The topic says it all. I've been looking at replacing my Macbook with iPad for a long time and since my music collection consists not only from Apple Music/iTunes Store files, i've been manually adding them to iCloud music library which is very convenient.

    Does iOS 11 with its "filesystem" allows to do such a "feat"? This is the only reason that holds me back from going "full iPad".

  2. Shirasaki macrumors 604


    May 16, 2015
    You cannot use iOS file app to download file onto your device using other app I believe.

    Think of using Documents or similar third party file manager on iOS. This app won’t do anything different than those apps.

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