Downloading songs from Apple Music for offline use - painfully slow

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by Got Haggis?, Jul 13, 2015.

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    Perhaps this is not the best way to do things....I had to restore my phone after a failed iOS9 upgrade attempt (it disabled my cell service) so staying on iOS8 - however it erased all my music. I figured I could just fire up the Apple Music app and select what songs/albums I want to have for offline use - I'm going to an area next week with no cell service. So I went down my list of albums and songs and selected about 3,000 songs for offline use.

    Boy was that a mistake. It's been running for 15 hours so far and has only downloaded about 900 songs. Is this normal behavior? I guess the better bet would be to hook my phone up to my computer and transfer a playlist of songs that are stored on my computer over.
  2. Got Haggis?, Jul 13, 2015
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    wow, this is even worse than i thought. so i figured out you can cancel scrolling wall the way to the bottom of the list (real fun when you have 2k+ songs queued)....get to bottom of list, press cancel button.....all the downloads disappear save for between 3-5...keep getting pop ups "unable to download song - insert some random song here" - then all of a sudden, all the songs are back in the download queue again

    rinse and repeat over and over

    the only way i am going to be able to get my phone back to normal is to restore it. this is terrible.

    edit: ok, it seems if you queue many songs for offline download, the OS just can't handle it. The more you queue up, the slower the download takes. It's almost like it's trying to download more songs at once, rather than just download 1 song until it is finished, then continue to the next song, and so on.

    Since I had 3,000 songs queued, it made the OS completely crap drained my battery to 1% with only downloading a few songs. The only way I was able to fix it was to do a restore from cloud backup. Now I am downloading offline songs, but only about 20 at a time (really i just try to do 1 albums worth) its working much better......but I queued up to 50 and it started doing the same thing again. This is bad.

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