Downloading with Canon EOS Utility then Importing to Iphoto, Am I duplicating?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Nessa RN, Oct 31, 2010.

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    Oct 31, 2010
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    Hello! First post, hope I'm in the right place.

    Here's a little background: So my husband bought me a Mac Mini for my birthday in May. Since then I've been toggling back and forth between my Mac and my PC. I finally made the leap this weekend and converted everything over to my Mac. Bye bye PC. The trouble I'm having is letting go. :) I've been so afraid to lose my photos that I had been downloading to Mac, PC and backing up on my external hard drive. Overkill, right? I'm ready to simplify so again, no more PC. I formatted my external hard drive over to Mac so it's just me, my mac and my external hard drive.

    Actual issue/question: I use the Canon EOS Utility to download my photos from my camera to the Mac. Then I import the photos to Iphoto. I know Iphoto makes an original file and Canon Utility is downloading to myharddrive/pictures. I just want to verify that this is actually duplicating the images and taking up twice as much space on my hard drive...meaning there is a file under originals in iphoto and a file on my harddrive where EOS Utility downloads. If I continue to import through EOS Utility and import to iphoto, I can just delete the files imported to the myharddrive/pictures from EOS Utility...right? Because the original files will be in Iphoto. I know this seems like unnecessary work, but I need something familiar (EOS Utility and Image browser) until I get myself more familiar with Iphoto and my Mac. I know, I know. It sounds crazy.

    This is a long post for such a simple....verification? I guess I would call it that. I'm figuring the suggestion will be to use iphoto to import my photos. I just want to understand what I'm doing before I make big changes as well.

    Just thought of another question....if I start toying around with RAW images, should I continue to use EOS Utility since Iphoto coverts to JPEG? I honestly don't know a thing about RAW but am starting to learn.

    Thanks so much! :D
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    I do a similar thing, only I have a CF reader that I import into a folder on my desktop and then I import to iPhoto. I only do this because I'm backing up the pics on my external as well. As soon as I will do that, I'll delete the extra folder. To get to your question though, there is no reason that you'd need both, unless for that reason, I would think.

    And I'm not too familiar with RAW either, so I can't really help with the second question.

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