Dr. Bombay Unplugged: Stop the iPod madness!

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    Link: Dr. Bombay Unplugged: Stop the iPod madness!
    Description:: All right. That’s it. I am tired of all this stinking iPod nonsense. And, by extension, that goes to all portable digital music players, existing or yet-to-be released.

    And be forewarned: If I see you walking down the street, earbuds shoved halfway into your cerebral cortex, oblivious to everything around you but your own crappy taste in music, I may very well rip the device from your person, hurl it to the ground in a startling fit of rage and attempt to grind it into its component molecules with the golf shoes I wear for just such an eventuality. I may, depending on my particular chemical balance at that instant, then attempt to rub your face into the residue until it is no more than a bloody pulp. I may or may not pose your corpse in an embarrassing position. We’ll just have to see.

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    kim jong il is the leader of north korea. hyundais & kias are developed in south korea.

    or did i misinterpret something...?

    besides, was the article there to be humorous?
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    A person who receives Sharper Image catalogs has no right to complain about pedantic geek toys. That's like being accused of living in a fantasy world by Puff the Magic Dragon.
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    Dr. Bombay is the alter-ego Michael Gerst of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. He apparently thinks of himself as the Don Rickles of technology writers, but in fact he is not even remotely funny so his abuse comes off as simple nastiness. He's been writing this utter crap for many years now and has been rewarded with wide syndication.

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