Dreamweaver and Fireworks MX ??????


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Nov 28, 2001
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one should note:

these are still BETA.

Dreamweaver MX is the only app EVER to crash my entire system (OSX of course).

anyone with a version that cclaims to be final should contact macromedia to tell them that someone finsihed the thing because macromedia doesnt seem to think its done, and also contact NASA and let them know that someone has sucessfully travel back in time in order to deliver the warez community with a copy of dreamweaver mx.


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Dec 30, 2001
Flash MX works great. Just takes a few min. to get to know the timeline again.

I have got Dreamweaver MX beta2. Cant find that many new things. They changed the menu's just like in Flash MX.

GoLive 6 is great. They have stolen all the good features from Dreamweaver 4 and made them better. Splitscreen between layout and source and much, much more!!! GoLive 6 = OSX

Sorry Macromedia, I'm going Adobe now. ImageReady is much better than Fireworks too! Much more intergrated with Photoshop.

Flash and Director is the only Macromedia programs I will use in the future!


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Mar 9, 2002
Not tried Flash MX just yet, so won't comment.....

I don't use Dreamweaver at all..... I much prefer GoLive, the same with Image Ready over Fireworks.....

I'm still waiting for Macromedia to get Director OSX ready, I presume this is the hardest of them all to port because of it's abilities to make stand alone applications..... hopefully they'll also include plug-ins/Xtras that make use of the Altivec to really speed up your work!!


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Jan 6, 2002
Any real release ideas?

Any real release ideas?
Thinksecret has a piece saying it might be the end of this month. Few days away & no word yet. I'm really beginning to think no one knows. Since I've been using FW & DW exclusively since 2. I can't risk trying to find betas cause I'm fraid it might mess up the real version on Os x when I order the real version... But for us waiting could you tell us what kind of improvements to expect????
Either way I'm not a big photoshop user & I hope the features in FW got a bit better... I thought the intergration between DW & FW is fantastic....
So it's like I know I want to buy the next model Benz(aqua colored)... just don't know what's in it yet....
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