Dreamweaver MX v 1.1 problems

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    If this is in the wrong catagory I apoligize.

    Note: The below problems are happening in Mac OS 9.2.2 and Mac OS 10.2.8.

    Hi. I have 14 documents that I created in DW4 (Actually I have 110 for this site, but they aren't all infected, just these 14) DW MX continuously adds extra header information, editable regions and link attributes to these 14 documents. I can't update them because of these duplicate elements. I open the files in BBedit, modify them by hand, and when I update in DW, the duplicate header information is once again added. Though that information is not duplicated in the actual template. I finally decided to just recreate each page, I make a new document off of the template, save with the same name, and open backups of the pages and copy and paste the data. This still doesn't work, as for some reason, when I paste the data, DW MX adds the header information and links again. I can paste the code into BBedit, and everything is fine, I can even then recopy from BBedit, but when I paste into DW MX the duplicate information is pasted right along with my data. I can't figure out what is causing this, none of what I copy includes any header data at all. Please help, its driving me nuts, Its been doing this for over a month, and its keeping me from using MX, its keeping me at 4. I have found that it works if I copy the first paragraph, but after a certain link, it doesn't work. By the way, the header info I am referring to is duplicate html head title and so on.

    My other problem:

    Hello, I am having reoccurring problems with my Dreamweaver site, this began happening in version 4 and has continued in MX, (note: I am using MX version 1.1, not MX 2004). What happens is that when I drag a document I've created to a browser, the graphics from the template that the document was made off of don't load at all. Not only this, but all my css for the type face and colors aren't applied. If I open the document in DW MX, and preview the page using DW preview command, the graphics from the template will occasionally load, but the css styles still won't be applied. I try refreshing the page from the file itself, and not he browser cache, and I even try rebuilding the site cache in DW, all to no avail. I'm wondering if this is a memory problem or something else? A corrupt template file perhaps? Any way to fix such a file without having to rebuild it and all the pages loaded from it? I'm really stumped here, any help would be appreciated. I am using Mac OS 9 and primarily IE 5 as my browser, but this happens with other browsers as well.

    Another one. In MX, if I go into code view (source code view) and attempt to edit an editable region from there, hen I refresh, or go to Design view I get an eoor saying I have modified an uneditable region, and the changes will dissappear at the next update. Shouldn't I be ablt to edit an editable region?

    Thank you, I look forward to any comments.

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    Try this page for answers,

    I find the whole Macromedia set of Applications either buggy or slow but have found Dreamweaver less so. You might want to go to the dreamweaver preferences and select "never rewrite code" or something like that. Repairing permissions on your HD can't hurt either.


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