Dropped my iPhone 5S and now it won't turn on (shows Apple Logo and switches off)

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  1. Vizzers macrumors newbie

    Apr 26, 2015
    Hi everyone,

    I dropped my iPhone 5s from the counter straight on its face in my house and although it didn't crack it doesn't turn on anymore. I tried holding the power button/home button and such combinations but all it does is go to the Apple Logo and then turn off 3 seconds later. I also plugged it into iTunes but I'm getting the same result.

    I can't restore the phone/reset it because I have lots of photos/notes on that phone that I never backed up either.

    I took it into a iPhone repair store but they opened it up, etc. and said it's likely a software issue and they can't do anything but restore it, which would require them to wipe everything on there (which unfortunately is not an option).

    I only got this phone about 3-4 months ago. I'd really appreciate any sort of help. Whether it's a data recovery option or a way to get the phone to turn on. I'm extremely worried because I have lots of important data on that phone and I can't afford to lose all everything and am desperate for any answers.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Alan Mac Farlan macrumors regular

    Apr 16, 2015
    If you have the 'Find my iPhone' app installed .. or maybe not.

    Try hooking up to iCloud with your apple store ID and password I think is how it works ... and *use Safari* to do this with ... to make your iPhone to ring up or make a sound.

    If it is 'on' as in powered up .. see if you can ring it and make it answer the phone. If so .. then you are 'in' I would think.

    If not ... try the restore or failing that go to the Apple Store and have the genius take a look at it. Hard for me to see how a drop would trash the software without hurting the hardware. But maybe it happens with some kind of electricity being generated with the energy being made by the sudden stop.

    Anyhow .. I am with the 'restore' crowd from your iTunes set up and put in the last backup.

    I plug my iPhone in every day into the iMac for charging and sync ...but you do not for some reason.

    Oh well ... here are some puppy kisses.

    Might help your boo boo.



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