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    Some of you may find this useful.

    Starting the week of March 20th you will be able to see/use the DS Kiosk in Best Buy. By the end of that week the Kiosks should be up and running in all Best Buys.

    on a side note (don't feel like making a new thread) you may find this interesting...

    Nintendo of France's new marketing director has suggested that Revolution controls for Twilight Princess are a cert, in one form or another...

    Marketing director Mathieu Minel has been interviewed by French gaming site Jeux-France, and was questioned specifically about whether Twilight Princess would include Revolution controls - quite the ongoing saga of late in the world of Nintendo.

    Jeux-France: "Will the next Zelda, still scheduled for Gamecube be, also playable on the future Nintendo Revolution and the exclusive functionalities of its controller? Will the game be released this Spring?"

    Mathieu Minel: "I just know that Nintendo will release either a special edition of Twilight Princess for Nintendo Revolution's controller new functionalities or include these functionalities directly into the original sourcecode, thanks to the compatibility between the two systems. But actually we still don't know which option will be chosen. We don't have any releasedate as well, but we're already working on all the marketing aspects of Twilight Princess so I think the game will be out soon, even if the exact date is yet unknown. It all depends on the compatibility with the Revolution and a lot of others things. You know, this game will be a full set of surprises, especially with a new and violent battle system but I can't tell anymore."
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    March 20th is the release date of Metroid Prime Hunters, too.

    I'm adopting a wait and see attitude on Twilight Princess. Nintendo keeps saying no, rumor sites keep saying yes.
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