Dual Band Time Capsule - Poor Performance - G Speeds nearly 5x faster than N Speeds!

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by applemax, May 21, 2009.

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    I have a dual band Time Capsule. It transmits two simultaneous networks. One N network (5GHz), which is extended by a AirPort Extreme in N only mode and has one wireless client. One G network (2.4GHz), which has three wireless clients (one of which is an AirPort Express G in client mode).

    However, I did some speed tests on both networks. I transferred the same 10MB file to the Time Capsule on each network and on various channels. These are the results I got:

    Channel 36/N - 28.1sec
    Channel 48/N - 22.6sec
    Channel 44/N - 18.5sec
    Channel 40/N - 23.0sec

    Channel 1/G - 9.6sec
    Channel 1/G - 5.8sec

    Screenshots of the statistics of the network are attached.

    Also, backup of the Time Capsule only seems to work properly over G. Over N it sits endlessly on 'Preparing Backup' or 'Waiting for Spotlight to Index'.

    Thanks in advance - I hope someone can make sense of this! :)

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    Hi ... did you find a solution? I'm experiencing same problem since I put two time capsules on the same network.

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