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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by upnorth85, Jul 17, 2013.

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    I know many people like to create a flame thread. But the intention of this thread is to find out from those who love both their Android and iPhone's and would like to see the next iPhone have some features which are really useful in Android. Since I use both the iPhone 5 on T-mobile (and ipad/Macbook Air), and also a Samsung Galaxy S2, I am keen to see some features in the iOs that would make the iPhone more productive.

    From my side, I would like to see the next or (subsequent) iPhone have:
    1. Ability to reject junk phone calls (without jail break or work around notifications etc) like in Android.
    2. Ability to use swipe by moving finger from character to character. This is provided by third party to Android. Improves typing speed dramatically.
    3. Ability to choose anyone word out several while typing. iOs shows a single default with a small cross far above the eye line which is on keyboard. The Android features several words at the top of the key board and one can choose the correct word easily.
    4. T-mobile has Wi-Fi calling in Android phones but not on iPhone. It is very useful when traveling overseas to be able to call back home for free and is also useful where the cell phone coverage is poor or non existent.
    5. Customization like creating shortcuts to direct dial some one etc are welcome in ios but not essential.

    I hope the Apple interface design Engineers consider user feedback for improving their already excellent product even more.

    Any other Android features that Apple should consider licensing/creating for the next or future versions of the iPhone?
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    The swiping keyboard is now standard in stock Android. It's the feature I miss most from my Nexus 4.

    I would also like the option to change the default program upon first launch - I couldn't believe it was giving me the option to dial every call from Skype from the stock dialer. Or launch home screen bookmarks with the browser of my choice.

    Another nice thing would be widget support on the home screen. It makes the home screen LESS cluttered, actually, when I have 8 important icons and a notification widget that expands as necessary (dashclock).

    In the notifications shade, many ROMs allowed one to quick reply SMS in the notifications shade, and long-press the WiFi icon to select the network or short-press to turn WiFi on/off.

    The sharing in Android is also much more robust - I could save an article to Pocket from just about any app, no login info required. The apps 'speak' to each other much more easily than in iOS.

    Selecting photos is also much more natural in Android...you long press a photo until it becomes highlighted. Then you can click edit, delete, etc or keep tapping more photos to select them. Apple's arrow in the corner is not intuitive.

    I'm glad Apple has not been shy about 'borrowing' features from Android the past few years, and I hope they'll keep doing it in the future if they see a good idea. Likewise I hope macrumors won't explode the next time Android 'borrows' a feature from iOS :)
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