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    Oct 13, 2005

    I was tempted to make something for Asteroid, even though it's using an image of a Mac mini (with some change). I went back to the original rumors so I wouldn't get anything wrong (even the price I checked on). And I made sure not to put an on/off switch on it, because the original rumors pointed to Asteroid having a 'phantom' on/off switch. Although, Asteroid probably wouldn't have ended up looking anything like this, but whatever.
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    Whats Asteriod again? Its late and my brain hurts from too much homework (cough cough-unless MR is my homewrok :p ).
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    Asteroid was a rumored audio breakout box.

    As we reported in November 2004, a story by AppleInsider revealed the plans by Apple.

    Then Apple's legal department went after the leaker, trying to pry information out of AppleInsider, PowerPage, and ThinkSecret. The legal wranglings didn't end until July of this year and that story was much more interesting than the audio device rumor.

    I'm glad that ducttape has given us the final word on the subject. :D

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