DVB tuner via HDMI or USB dongle for external monitor


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Sep 14, 2011
Victoria, Australia
Does such a thing exist?

I would like to turn my external monitor into a digital TV without all of the mess and cables associated with a digital TV set top box.

Think something like a Roku but containing a DVB tuner on board.


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Jul 29, 2011
Does such a thing exist?
Don't know of one. There used to be dongles that plugged into SCART sockets (ask your grandparents - if they're from Europe) back in the days when people were converting their old analogue sets to DVB, but that doesn't seem to have crossed over to the HDMI era.

I'd just go for a DVB set-top-box and hide the cables. Even a dongle is going to need an antenna cable (unless you live next door to the TV mast) and maybe a power supply.

You could try this - which plugs into the Mac, not the TV, and will also give you PVR capabilities:


... but major drawback it won't do High Def in DVB-T2 regions like the UK (HD over DVB-T is not the same as DVB-T2) and Elgato have shown zippo interest in supporting DVB-T2.

There are DVB-T2 sticks for PC, but I don't know of any Mac software that supports them. E.g: http://www.pctvsystems.com/Products...StickT2/tabid/248/language/en-GB/Default.aspx

...I've had one of those working on a Mac, but only by running backend software such as TVHeadEnd or MythTV in a Linux virtual machine under Parallels. You can run the front-end (XMBC or MythFrontend) under OS X and connect to the Linux backend. Not exactly a "just works" solution, though!

Theres also this: https://www.silicondust.com - but also no HD in DVB-T2 areas. (Edit: the point is that it is network-connected so it could be tucked out of the way).


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Feb 10, 2008
Most of the so called portable DVB-TV2 tuners have USB ports. Dunno any with HDMI. These are smaller than a set top box, which are pretty small to begin with.
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