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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by annk, Jul 9, 2004.

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    I have a new PB, and want to be able to watch PAL DVD´s produced here in Norway as well as NTSC´s from the US. I see that the computer is warning me each time I pop one in that I only have a few times to switch back and forth before it´s locked forever. Is there anyway around that? I thought I could just have two programs (DVD player and VLC, for instance, which I already have) and have one be set for one type and one for the other, but I see the setting is on a different level and this doesn´t "fool" the computer.

    If there´s no way around this problem, is it possible for me to rip the American DVD´s without the computer needing to see which format they are (with Handbrake?? I have it, but haven´t used it yet) to the PAL format, or even to Divx, in order to avoid the problem? I will be seeing many fewer NTSC´s than PAL´s, but there are a few I´ll want to watch regularly...

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    There are ways to make your DVD drive region free (RPC-1) but it will void your warranty. I did it so I could watch R2 discs on my R1 machine but my warranty was previously voided so i didn't care.


    Search for your drive, cross your fingers and flash your firmware if you are willing to risk the consequences (which will be listed in the readme).
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    Region free your DVD-ROM only solves half the problem. You have to region free the player that's playing the DVD as well. Since I use my PC for viewing DVDs, I can't tell you how to hardware and software region free your PB. I'm sure a lot of people knows around here.

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