DVD on a Powerbook G3

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by AmbitiousLemon, Feb 25, 2002.

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    Nov 28, 2001
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    Ok im a little pissed so im venting. I just discovered that Mac OS X does not allow Powerbook G3 users to play DVDs. Took some looking but i finally came across a apple knowledge base article that said flat out that you have to boot into OS9 to play DVDs and that apple does not plan on ever providing DVD support.


    Thats pretty ****ty of them. These computers are less than 2 years old and basically apple has made them incompatable with OSX.

    I guess this is just one more reason i will never buy Mac OS X. Im not going to pay apple for a crippled operating system. I appreciate that they want to force me to replace my computer, but they should appreciate that I just bought this computer and im not likely to buy another for at least 3 years. This reminds me of apple's little way of making iTunes2 run like crap on the machines that were more than a year old. These kinda tactics we expect from microsoft not apple. But i guess its too much to ask that any company play fairly. They will look you in the eye tell you to shell out $100 for osx that it will run on your computer, then after you have done that they will tell you that your computer is too slow to run osx and you better buy a new computer.
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    Pre-FW models.

    If your machine has FW it should play DVDs in X. If you're trying to run X on a Powerbook as old as my iMac (SCSI versions) I'm less sympathetic than I could be. I have yet to meet a pre FW Mac that works and plays well with X. All HW that's pre-FW and pre-G4 is pretty much Scully Ware and I wouldn't expect it to keep up with X.
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    May 9, 2001
    You know...

    There are gonna be a lot of troubles with OSX.

    There are a lot of companies that have softwares or peripherals wityh drivers that works for OS 8 to 9 with no problem. Even softwares that doesn't have any support now days. So, if there is not the driver for OSX, Fu**** uP OSX.

    My OS9 is looking good and is working for me.

    I do not want be a part of a field experiment regarding OSX.

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