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Sep 28, 2006
Does anybody know if there is software for a mac like for a pc to be able to watch any dvd region after you have used up the 5 times of changing the dvd region?!?!?!?


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Feb 16, 2006
And as always VLC only cares about the region if the drive is not an RPC-1 drive. Most newer (since a couple of years ago) are RPC-2 and don't allow VLC direct data access, hence no way around the region coding.


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Oct 13, 2005
Yup, the bad news is...

that region encoding is done by the drive hardware, not by the application. In other words, you need to wait for someone to patch the drive firmware for your specific drive.

To be able to patch the drive, the patcher is going to need a firmware update so that he can get his hands on an image of the code. This can take some time, depending on how many bugs there were in the original firmware (ie if the manufacturer doesn't feel a need to correct any bugs, they don't realease a firmware update).

The patcher then needs to reverse engineer the code, find the bit that does the region encoding check, and modify the code so that the check isn't done. This check can be performed in multiple places in the code (precisely to make the patcher's life difficult), and finding/patching all of them takes time.

Basically the best thing you can do is search for your drive model number on Google, and see if anyone has done a patch....


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Jun 7, 2006
What you can do is to buy a cheap external DVD player that is region free. I do it this way since I have many region 1 DVDs, but my internal DVD player is "locked" to region 2 (since I'm in Sweden)