E2c Sound Isolating Earphones by Shure

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    Link: E2c Sound Isolating Earphones by Shure
    Description:: The E2c’s are a great-looking and great-sounding set of headphones that deliver a deep bass lacking in Apple’s stock iPod earbuds. Their noise canceling is amazing. Unfortunately both the noise canceling and rich sound they provide rely upon first creating a vacuum tight seal between the E2c’s and your ear drum. This can be a long and frustrating process if your ear canal is not the right size/shape. If you are familiar with similar in-the-ear earbuds and have had success with them, I think you will find the E2c’s a worthy upgrade. If you are new to this type of headphone, be sure to keep your receipt, just in case.

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    I bought a pair of these as well, and I love them!

    I did not know what to expect when I bought them.

    First of all he was right on trying to open the package... it was a tough ordeal.

    After that there was quite the learning curve on how to put the headphones on.

    Once I figured it out though, I became enamered with them. Mowing the lawn.... almost all the sound cut out. Sprinting on the treadmill at the gym.... music is all I hear. All of this at 40-60% volume!!

    Not only that the sound on them are pure Shure quality.

    I'd highly recommend them.
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    I chose the Etymotic ER4P's over the Shures, same kind of in-ear design, same principle, but a better audio quality IMO.

    Still, they are more expensive and the Shures are damn good.

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