EarPods - can we not control music without Siri?


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Jun 20, 2008
Hi all,

Just got some EarPods from the Apple Store. They sound great but I noticed that I can't do the "double-click to skip a song, triple-click to repeat a song" thing - have they disabled this option?

As it is if my phone is packed away in my coat or bag I have to hold the mic button to ask Siri every time I want to skip a song, a bit embarrassing. Even worse is that I can't do anything when I don't have a signal as "Siri is not available"

Is this the case for everybody, or do I have a dodgy pair of EarPods?


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Jul 15, 2009
Twicenightly, I got some over the weekend as well and it seems to me you just have to slow down your clicks a fraction and all will be fine. Whether this is a fault or a deliberate action I have no idea but after a few tries I've got the nack again and all is well in skipping/repeat world again!