Easiest way to use iMovie to view videos (no need to edit)

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by troy14, Nov 3, 2014.

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    Hi everyone,

    I asked a variant of this question a while back but now I'm back at it and still no real solution. My mother is slowly slowly learning to use the computer. She can use her iPhone decent enough to take pictures and then import them to the iMac using iPhoto. This is possible because as soon as she plugs her phone in, iPhoto pops up and all she has to do is hit 'import all' and voila!

    Now, we have a Sony DCR-SX65 camcorder. I haven't found a way to directly import the videos into iPhoto, presumably because iPhoto was made for photos.

    Is there anything similar to iPhoto in this regard for a movie camera? I'll buy her a new one if I have to. We have absolutely ZERO need to edit any movies, what she shoots she just wants to be able to watch. iMovie is a bit overwhelming and I essentially just need boxes with the movie so she can double click and view them (but maybe a bit more refined than a finder folder), just like iPhoto.
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    Is there a need for a separate camera? iPhoto will also import any movies that have been taken with the iPhone, so if you only shoot movies with the iPhone then it will pretty much do what you want.
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