Edit video, audio, and photos 'Pinnacle Studio' (iPad 2, 3) $4.99 => Free

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    Highly recommended! Brand new (literally :rolleyes:, read below) and free through September 18, 2012. Straight full version, no nasty "In-App Purchases", no annoying ads, not a crippled trial/lite/free version. Visit immediately your nearest iOS App Store!


    App Store link:

    AppShopper link:




    Was 'Avid Studio' before. (AS still exists.)

    App Store link (don't buy/download unless you need it for iPad 1):

    AppShopper link:

    (I am not the dev—just sharing the info.)

    The iPad 3 is GREAT for video. Really good camera. But it would need at least 128 GB flash storage space. Enjoy Pinnacle Studio! Spread the word!
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    I bought Avid Studio when it came out, in particular because it ran on iPad 1.

    The free offering of Pinnacle Studio was to allow purchasers of Avid Studio to switch, the app having apparently been transferred to another company.

    Alas, one cannot purchase an app with a device the app does not run on, and Pinnacle Studio does not run on iPad 1, so I was unable to get it. The free period ended, the price went up, then I finally got a new iPad (gen 4), but am stuck with the original version.

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