Resolved :eek: Urgent help, iTunes Connect prepare for upload

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  1. DennisBlah, Sep 7, 2014
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    Hey all,

    I'm trying to update one of our apps, but whole iTunes connect has been changes/updated.

    Now after I change version number, and some screenshots, and going further to prepare for upload it asks me for:

    Recipient's Team Agent Apple ID

    When I fill in my appleid (where the developeraccount is registered to) it comes with this error:
    You cannot transfer apps to the recipient with the same Company/Organization ID as the transferor.

    How to fix this??? :eek:


    :p Never mind.. I just done submission through xCode, added the uploaded build in the new version, and voila.

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    That sounds like all the prompting for an app owner transfer. Are you sure you didn’t go some some wrong path during the initial app package setup?

    Maybe you just need to delete that whole config, start again, it’s not like you lose much time since that’s all pre-review.

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