Effects of Trump's economic policies on Apple products

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    Thought it would be an interesting discussion combo to talk about this since all of the other stuff will be discussed endlessly for years. And this is a mac forum :p

    I think Apple product prices will increase significantly due to increased tariffs between the US and Asia. Another issue is the currency markets. If China is enabled a currency manipulator, it won't just add tariffs, it will affect the value of the dollar.

    Apple is going to lose a LOT of money in a trade war because they have invested so much capital over there that China may no longer welcome (in terms of favorable tax policies and regulations).

    Apple equities will be buoyed by lower corporate taxes, but I doubt this will cancel lower revenues, given the sheer size of Apple's consumer market.

    Environmental subsidies that are killed will increase the cost of building green electronics.

    There are probably some positive effects from this upcoming administration on Apple and the company's products, but at this time I think the bad will outweight the good.
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    The only Apple Product is the iPhone & iPad! The Mini and the Pro are made in America!
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    China is just as dependent on the US as the US is on it. If demand falls they lose money as well.

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