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MP 7,1 EFI Drive Boots, but dumps me in a blank screen


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Aug 4, 2007
I’m trying to Migrate Windows 10 to a 7,1 Mac Pro (with MacOS 10.15.4) using Winclone 8.1

After chkdsk'ing, sysprep'ing and backing up the Bootcamp partition on my old system, I've restored the backup to the new system with no errors.

Before I can claim victory, however, I need to inject the Windows 10 mass storage driver for T2 Macs. In aid of this, I created a bootable EFI drive as described here: 3

The drive boots to a black screen with blue windows logo but then I just get a black screen and the installer does not start as described in the link above. The light blinks on the thumb drive for a little while after the screen goes blank, but then nothing.

Any advice? Am I missing a driver? Is there a better way to create a boot drive for this purpose?

Also, do I need to use a USB thumb drive to do this? Can I create a small internal partition with the necessary files and boot from that?

UPDATE: the drive boots perfectly well on a 2012 MBA.

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