Eight Core Mac Pro Benchmarks

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    Link: Eight Core Mac Pro Benchmarks
    Description:: Geek Patrol takes a look at an upgraded mac pro with two quad-core Xeons and wonders whether eight cores are better than four.

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  2. chicagdan macrumors 6502a

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    Isn't this piece weeks old ... reprinted from something in C|Net?
  3. SpaceMagic macrumors 68000


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    All these cores... I can't imagine any average user needing the power.
  4. Silentwave macrumors 68000

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    Then again, we always say that :)

    Interesting test, I bet that some of this would be better if we had numbers from the X5355 2.66GHz Clovertown, or if they had managed to squeeze a 1666 FSB or faster in there... A lot of things are getting FSB limited in this case.
    Once we have 45nm Monolithic Quad Core chips using CSI, these numbers will undoubtedly be even better... and no doubt both OS and apps will be further multithreaded.
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    Jun 22, 2003
    A supercomputer is a computer that turns a processing problem into an I/O problem. I already find that, with the exception of video rendering, I can't get data to my processor fast enough to keep it tied up.

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