eLastyc Pix: The impressive new photo morphing app is Available Now in the App Store!

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    Introducing eLastyc Pix,

    You may skip right to the good stuff here:

    Or, check out eLastyc Pix here ...

    Enjoy changing faces and reshaping bodies in photos
    Wish you could look better, funnier, or just different?
    ***It has never been so easy & fun™***

    Use it to touch-up photos:


    Or, use it to create funny pictures:


    See it in the App Store:

    Imagine a photo printed on a magic elastic canvas that smoothly responds to your touches and realistically curves around the tip of your finger producing amazing, subtle, or absolutely crazy effects…

    Imagine what you could do with such a magic tool…
    • make yourself look better, funnier or just different
    • tune or exaggerate facial expressions
    • shed a few pounds for your blog picture or add some pounds for fun
    • perform “plastic surgery” on a friend’s photo or your own
    • play with virtual body building and shaping
    • create hilarious caricatures
    • see your pets breathe in animated photos
    • create you own piece of **eLastyc™ art** from a picture of a flower or anything else
    • just release some steam while making an **eLastyc picture** of somebody

    To make all of these easy and pleasurable, we bring you eLastyc as a magic extension of your artistic talents and creativity.

    Whether you are a skilled artist or not, you can now have such creative and addictive fun changing the appearance of things and even have a chance to make somebody or something look better.

    Designed for your best experience, eLastyc introduces several novel features to please your eyes and inspire your imagination:
    • choice of twelve morphing filters
    • easy intuitive single-finger gestures to morph images
    • three different ways that the eLastyc canvas responds to gestures and morphing techniques (easy, effective and new!)
    • smooth variation of the effect with Slider Pad controls (captivating and novel!)
    • animated undo/redo transitions (nice and unique!)
    • playing a morphed photo live from-&-to the original state

    • an introduction demo and a quick start sample
    • choice of a dozen(!) built-in live demos showing you “the magic on the way” with samples, suggesting basic tricks and encouraging you to discover your own magic gestures

    • storing photos to Albums
    • sending photos by e-mail
    • uploading photos and sending stories to your Facebook account
    • picking photos from Albums or the pasteboard
    • taking photos with camera
    • continue editing photo from the previous session

    Finally, eLastyc is a powerful tool. Have fun responsibly!

    Yours truly,
    Volyy Team

    Our press release:

    Please, stay tuned for more, coming soon ...

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