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Discussion in 'Community' started by firewire2001, Dec 25, 2002.

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    Apr 2, 2002
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    hey yo...

    i was wonderin if some guitar players out there could help me out...

    ive been playin acoustic guitar for a few months and im in the market to buy an electric guitar.. i was curious to see what your thoughts were for a pretty cheap electric.. i was thinking id prolly want to get a new guitar but maybe a used amp..

    but as i said.. i dont know much about what i should be looking for as i know little about electric guitars...

    im looking to spend no more than about 400 dollars.. max ... and like im not lookin for the nicest thing on the market.. but something with a nice sound and all..

    im interested in the different types out there and what you recommend.. like ive heard about epiphones that have their insides carved out and all.. sounds kinda interesting.. but whats that all about..?

    thanks a lot.. i really appreciate your time..
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    Feb 5, 2002
    All up in your bidness
    You can't get a fantastic electric for under $400, but you can find a decent one if you shop around (esp. on the Internet) and don't buy from music stores with high markups. Which one you should buy depends on the style of the music you want to play and your playing style. There are just too many guitars out there to recommend when we don't know what you'll be playing. :)
  3. dynamicd macrumors 6502

    Jul 16, 2002
    I started out with an Ibanez. They're pretty decent guitars and have a variety of different onces at different prices.
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    Oct 13, 2002
    New York
    I got a Parker Nitefly for 600... amazing thing for the price. Parkers are ultra-light and VERY easy to play. They're probably the best 'modern' guitar. It's all personal preference though. Parker makes other models offshore that go for less, check em out.

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    Jan 13, 2002
    secret city
    to add to what alex said...

    a guitar is a tool an instrument. (okay done with stating the obvious :D)

    much like a paint brush or a computer....

    which kind you get depends on what you want to do with it... what music style you want to learn or play... what art you want to create... etc. etc.

    if you can just state your goal with it and what kind of music you want to learn... then i believe we can give you a better assesment on what type of electric guitar you need.

    myself ... i enjoy playing hard rock, blues and some melodic heavy tunes so my electric guitar of choice at the moment is a gibson vintage gold top ... because i love the thick warm tone it emits... i love the colors it creates in its tone.
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    Jan 1, 2002
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Re: electric guitar

    Indeed, Epiphones with "the insides carved out" are a.k.a. "semi-hollow body" guitars. They can (sorta) be played acousticly (if you're in a room by yourself) but they are still electrics true and true. They have a generally fatter sound, and, if you're playing a lot of distortion they can achieve some amazing buttery style feedback.

    However, for a beginner, they can be a bit hard to control, especially if you're using distortion. They generally have a very blues-y fat clean tone, and sound REALLY nice through a good tube amp with a bit of reverb.

    Now... onto the shameless self promotion! I have a blue sparkle Dearmond (a guild/fender venture) that is no longer in production. It's shaped like a Les Paul/Gretsch and has a bigsby tremolo on it ( whammy bar). It has two humbucking pickups, and separate volume and tone as well as a pickup selector. It's a solid body. (different from the epiphones you mentioned above)

    It's a very versatile guitar that has a nice clean tone and, with a little learning (getting used to everything on it) can go from VERY growly gutsy distorted sound to mellow funky sounds.

    I'm looking to get $475 for it. It comes with a hardshell case as well. It's like new, with the onlyt scratches being on the pickguard (black piece of plastic, easily replaced)

    Attached is a pic of a similar one. It's silver. Mine is blue. f you're interested, i'll take more comprehensive pics of the blue one.

    Lemme know!


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    Mar 10, 2002
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    I am using a Mexi fender telecaster sunburst model . It is a great guitar,and is my first electric, but most people do not like the twang produces by the telecaster, so I reccomend you get a fender stratocaster, mexican standard model, like $300-340 i think. It is the best guitar I can think of for the money.

    Also line 6 amps are great, because most of them come with built in effects.
    good luck,
  8. zarathustra macrumors 6502a


    Jul 16, 2002
    Philadelphia, PA
    Like someone mentioned before, a guitar is a very personal tool - there is a reason Willie Nelson plays a ratty old P.O.S. and not a brand new, expensive one.

    go to a music store and play with them, spend days, weeks in there and bug them to let you in their sound room and jam away. Eventually you figure out what goes with your style of playing, what is comfortable, sounds great, etc.

    I personally love Gretsch (sp?) guitars. Very price for they are collector's items, but if you find one and can try playing it, they are awesome!
  9. jefhatfield Retired


    Jul 9, 2000
    he's right

    it's the best for the money on the market

    if you are willing to spend twice that, get a american standard statocaster or telecster or one of the new gibson sg special or les paul specials...american made gibsons and fenders are the most versatile of all standard rock and roll guitars used by pros and amateurs alike

    for fusion and jazz, four hundred can get you an epiphone hollowbody and these are very decent for the money...try musiciansfriend.com for the best prices for these types of guitars

    if loud and fast heavy metal is what you like, ibanez seems to have been the choice for players since the 80s like satriani, vai, gilbert, taffola, korn, kiss, etc.

    four hundred will get you a nice ibanez, but again twice that much will give you a super high quality high octane metal monster

    if price is no object, les paul standards and les paul customs are about 1600 in catalogs, paul reed smith guitars and esp guitars start around there but most models are well over 2500 and any guitars like these are keepers for life

    i have used many guitars over the last 26 years and have had some top of the line instruments, but now that i don't record and gig anymore, i have an esp ltd viper which you can get for under 400 or 500 in a catalog...it's a copy of an epiphone/gibson sg and gibson/usa sg model but a little better than the former but not as good as the latter

    the epiphone/gibson sg can be found for under 350 in some cases and this guitar is an excellent rock guitar

    i hope this information helps and good luck in your search;)
  10. jefhatfield Retired


    Jul 9, 2000
    sometimes too much info is not good

    if i had to be stuck on a "desert island" with one electric, it would be the stratocaster

    ...squier, mexican fender, japanese fender, usa fender, or any other fender/squier brand that is the great statocaster:D :D :D
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    Aug 1, 2002
    Dallas, TX

    I don't recommend getting a real expensive electric guitar as your first. Somebody will just steal it, or you will scratch it up and your folks will kick your a**.

    I have owned a lot of guitars and been playing for 25 years, and the most expensive ones don't sound any better than the cheap ones, except Jazz Hollow body electric guitars can't be done cheap. Also, the cosmetics may be better on the high dolllar crap. Things like a locking nut come in handy to keep the guitar in tune, especially if you use the tremolo "wang" bar alot. Now, that did not use to be the case. But today, the guitars coming from China and Korea are high quality and low price. It is like a good computer, you use to pay top dollar, now you can get a lot of power for a cheap price. The same is true of affordable guitars.

    Here are some good deals:

    At zZounds.com, buy the Silvertone SS11 package for just $169.95, plus shipping. Orders over $175 ship free. This is a very reputable and reliable online instrument dealer. You can buy online with a CC or call their 1-800 and make arrangements to send a money order. I just bought from them recently and they give you 3 of your favorite magazine subscriptions, FREE when you check-out online. (Only one guitar included in this deal. I don't why they have a pic of 2 guitars.)


    If you want something today, just go to Wal-Mart. Here is a great deal there:


    Guitars warp over time because guitars are made of wood and absorb moisture like an old fashioned wooden tennis racket. Over time, the finish cracks on the guitar which lets moisture in. It is always best to have some good electric guitar wood care products to protect the finish and prevent warping. Now some of the high dollar guitars like from Parker and Steinberg use Kevlar which never warps. But most folks don't have $2K for an axe.

    Don't buy used, unless Hendrix, John Lennon, Jerry Garcia, or Les Paul played it. Don't buy from a pawn shop, online auction site, nor a garage sale unless you are just stupid or cheap. 9 times out 10, you will get burnt from these places.

    If you are new at guitar, I recommend to get some good extra guitar strings with a thin gauge which will be easier on your fingers until they get conditioned and you will be able to play solos much faster. Just go to your local instrument dealer. If you play guitar a lot, you will break strings all the time. Ernie Ball, D'Addario, or Fender are good brands for electric guitar strings.

    Oh yeah, by the way, don't listen to those guys about their 1950's, 1960's guitars. Wood is wood. Wood from Pine, Maple, Ash, or Mahogany trees from the 1950's sounds just as good a wood clear cutted from a tree last month. It is like all the B.S. about Stratavarious' violins. Stratavarious violins don't sound any better than a $300 violin made in Hong Kong. It is like some guy saying his $150 Nike's are better than your $20 running shoes from Wal-Mart. Or some guying lyeing about his $3000 PowerMac is faster (not true) than the $1500 3.06GHZ HP at BestBuy.

    Pete :D
  12. jefhatfield Retired


    Jul 9, 2000
    Re: HERE!

    since there are so many good deals out there for new guitars, i agree with you 100 percent

    but i used to also be into vintage guitars made before 1970, and the only way they come is used;)

    1947 martin 00-17
    1959 silvertone stratotone
    1965 gibson melody maker
    1965 gibson LGO
    1965 fender telecaster
    1968 fender telecaster, with stock bigsby tremolo
  13. Moxiemike macrumors 68020


    Jan 1, 2002
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Re: HERE!

    Are you kidding me? This might be some of the worst advice. "guitars warp over time becuase they are made of wood and absorb moisture like a tennis racket."

    Only if its a crappy guitar like those silvertones, which are made with the cheapest woods around.

    If you get a decent guitar, like an epiphone, mid-ranger fender, dearmond, etc. You won't see warping problems for a VERY long time, provided you take good care of your guitar (which it true for any instrument).

    a guitar is one area where you can't skimp on quality. Those Silvertones or even worse that wal-mart crappy thing... man. That'll last you a year, maybe less. The construction of the neck is crappy , they use cheap frets, cheap tuning pegs (so you'll CONSTANTLY be tuning the thing), cheap pickups that will be noisy and cheap body woods, generally that are particle board, or built with bunches of wood fragments.

    They also usually don't have a good truss rod, or a crappy truss rod, which can affect the "intonation" of a guitar. A truss rod adjusts the neck. And is a VERY essential element.

    As for not buying used... pure crap. If you know what you're looking for, and have the advice of a veteran player who has knowledge, used is SO the way to go!

    I have a 1969 jazz bass that I bought used in 1997 for a steal, and it's worth a ton, is very solid, the neck is poker straight, and that instrument will last 100 years or more.

    My good friend is a luthier (a guitar maker) and has commented on how perfect the jazz bass is.

    Peter, you should really learn a little more abotu the aesthetics of a guitar, both tonally and lookwise. Those "cosmetic" things that are better on the higher end guitar DO INDEED affect playability-- the tuning pegs, the bridge, the frets and the nut. The neck joint plate, the pickups.... all affect playability as well as the type of wood the guitar is made of.

    I seriously hope you were joking. I don't even recommend low-end "squier" strats to people-- they're better off with a 300$ mexican strat that will resell well for them or function as a nice "backup" guitar when they move up to a :better" instrument.

    Those wally world and zzzzzzzzounds guitars won't be worth 10 bucks in a year.

  14. jefhatfield Retired


    Jul 9, 2000
    Re: Re: HERE!

    i usually used an american standard statocaster that i got for 650 and i sounded decent on that thing

    right before i had that, i had a 1900 dollar statocaster ultra with lace sensor pickups and while the quality of the guitar was better than the american standard, i didn't sound any better or stay in tune any better

    and before i had either of those strats, i had a mexican standard stratocaster i got for 300 and i sounded as good on that as either of the more expensive two stratocasters

    but squier, while i am a very experienced player and could make that thing sound as good as the other three strats, i can't quite get the same sustain but a good tube amp can rectify that, but you are right, the tuners are not that good

    so i would replace the tuners

    but 75 percent of all gibson electics, especially and ironically the better ones, have those crappy kluson tuners with the plastic snot pegs...awful

    my gibson les paul custom, thank god, had all steel enclosed grover pegs and that thing stayed in tune better than my vintage gibson melody maker, which had those shaky klusons

    one can say all they want about how bad silvertones are, but jimmy page of led zepplin used them a lot, and melissa etheridge uses them when she plugs in electrically

    my 1959 silvertone had a killer tone and was, among my collection of 56 guitars over the years, one of the coolest sounding instruments
  15. jefhatfield Retired


    Jul 9, 2000
    Re: HERE!

    of my vintage guitars i have had before 1970, the 1947 martin 00-17 and 1965 gibson LGO had wavy warped tops but the necks were straight and the action decent

    my 1965 telecaster was warped beyond the 12th fret and unable to be straightened out by my luthier so i had to live with high action

    but my 1959 silvertone, without a truss rod, had a baseball bat thick neck and the thing was as straight as an arrow...i was able to crank the action as low as i wanted without buzzing...and the hollow body was also super straight ;)

    i did have a 1971 ovation, plastic back, nylon acoustic, and while the headstock had a huge chunk chipped off of it, the spruce top was stright and the aluminum reinforced neck (maybe graphite reinforced) was very, very straight)
  16. jefhatfield Retired


    Jul 9, 2000
    man, now that you got me on guitar stories, i can't stop

    i had a friend with a vintage gibson hummingbird or J-200 acoustic...very nice and pricey...even then

    he went canoeing with it and sank...the guitar got wet

    it warped the top but was still playable with decent action but never sounded the same again

    moral or the story...don't go canoeing with your acoustic guitar, and by all means, don't sink

    same could go for your ibook or tibook:p
  17. Moxiemike macrumors 68020


    Jan 1, 2002
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Re: Re: Re: HERE!

    Well, my 1959 silvertone is awesome as well. But the neck is warped beyonf belief. But that said... the new silvertones and the new low-end strats are about as crappy as they come.

    Sure, you can get a strat for 160 or something, but by the time you replace the tuning pegs, put on a bridge that doesn't tremolo the guitar out of tune in a few strokes, put in pickups that will give you a decent sound.... might as well have invested in an epiphone Casino or Les Paul (often times as good as their 1500 dollar counterparts).

    As yea, gibson is in a bit of a slump. But there's tons of good manufacturers out there: Fender, Ibanez, Yamaha, etc all make nice looking, well built quality guitars that are affordable and much more worthwhile than a new silvertone.

    your 1959 is a different story.

  18. jefhatfield Retired


    Jul 9, 2000
    instead of buying a squier stratocaster, new tuners for the squier, and a more sustaining trem, it would be smarter to take the money and get an epiphone les paul

    or even a mexican fender standard stratocaster

    bout 400 dollars would do it in a catalog like musician's friend

    ps - sorry to hear about your '59 silvertone
  19. Moxiemike macrumors 68020


    Jan 1, 2002
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Exactly. Which is why i'm STRONGLY advising against peterj's advice. :D

    I still havce the silvertone. use it for "atmospheric" guitar sounds. Has these fake p90s on it, and they make some GREAT feedback. :D

    I run it through my bass rig (hartke 3500 with a peavey 4x10 cabinet) and use a tubescreamer and a tremolo pedal on it, some chorus, or flange. and a good amt of delay. Yum.
  20. jefhatfield Retired


    Jul 9, 2000
    the only guitar i have now is my ltd (by esp) viper 301 which is a decent instrument but does not get any really vintage sounding tones...i paid $520 for it

    it was, like most ltd's and esp's, (think metallica and slayer) made for the heavy metal and grunge market and i am no longer into that type of music

    but i have to admit, creed rocks the house down and paul reed smith makes a $3,500 dollar custom tremonti electric and a cheaper, consumer oriented tremonti model for about $650 or $750 us

    ...i might go for the cheaper tremonti electric which i think i can get at guitar center for about $500 dollars on sale
  21. Moxiemike macrumors 68020


    Jan 1, 2002
    Pittsburgh, PA
    I never liked PRS guitars. but they do sound nice. Just never struck me ya know?

    My three fave guitar brands:
    Epiphone. retro, 60s and british.
    Rickenbacker. retro. 60s and british. ;)
    Guild (for acoustics)

    Fender. Jazz Bass. Yay.
    Warwick for fretless
    MusicMan. Like tanks... the volvo of the bass
  22. firewire2001 thread starter macrumors 6502a

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    Hong Kong
    crap... thanks so much you guys.. so much advice.. almost overwhelming..

    i think i'll be pretty much playing "quiter" stuff.. maybe some alternative.. mild rock.. maybe a bit of jazz.. mild punk.. im not really into the whole hard rock scene.. or heavy metal.. i think im looking for a fat nice sound.. i wont be doing much distortion, too, though.

    the place it looks like i'll be buying a guitar - if i dont decide on moxiemikes - will be a local shop thats been around for quite some time and are known for reasonable prices.. i bought a formosa acoustic there for about 75 bucks thats lists for almost 200.. and prices can be worked out.. arguable..

    price is definately an element for me, though.. and id personally rather wait and get a decent guitar in the future than spend all my money on a mediocre one now.. quality is important..

    im prolly not lookin for les paul for the obvious reason of money now.. but also cause ill prolly be playing at some little school gigs which i'll have to be careful about with any guitar i purchase..

    ahhh man thanks so much guys.. its great to see how many people who are out there willing to help..

    with this in mind could, which guitars that you guys have pointed out would work out well for me, do you think..? also what are some prices?

    i was checkin out ibenez sites.. some of their stuff seems pretty reasonable.. but its always pretty hard to tell..

    i may be going to this music store in san diego in which case i maybe could tell you guys what kinda stuff they have.. and prices and all.. they dont have the largest selection there.. maybe only 15 guitars.. but their very honest as they let you try em out and everything with an amp and all before you buy em.. which i guess would be standard policy.. the people there are very honest and its very clear they are not in the business for the money.. ferr instance my younger brother has been takin drum lessons in the store for about a month now.. and he has one of the most awesome teachers thats really taken him far in that time.. and he doesnt make much money a lesson.. =X .. also it was great.. when i bought my first acoustic a guitar teacher that worked there helped me choose it out and all and ive had no problems with it at all.. its great for the price i got it

    anyways i really appreciate your time.. thanks a bunch..
  23. Moxiemike macrumors 68020


    Jan 1, 2002
    Pittsburgh, PA
    If you're looking for a fat sound, you'll probably want something with humbuckers. Single coils (as in Strats and Teles') tend to sound thin and twangy.

    your best options would be an epiphone, gretsch (which makes some nice mid-range guitars) and ibanez. Ibanez has some nicely wired single coil pickups that aren't as thin sounding as fenders and they can be used in tandem with a humbucker for a nice sound.

    That said, i can attest that the dearmond I have for sale has a very thick, fat sound, much like a higher-end gretsch duo-jet or a les paul/SG.

    For bluesly stuff, jazzy stuff, with light distortion it's probably exactly what you're looking for.

    It's also unique and soon to be rare. (i know dearmond made a lot of silvers and reds but not too many blues in the sparkle). Like I said, if you're interested, let me know and ill post pics of the blue one. It's pretty sharp and nice looking.

    only reason im selling is that im a bassist by trade and buying a nice warwick fretless.

    Back & Sides : Not Available
    Body : Agathis with Maple Top
    Brand : DeArmond
    Estimated Price : $600 to $1000
    Fretboard : Rosewood
    Neck : Maple
    Series : M Series
    Style : 6 string
    Top : Not Available
    Type : Electric Guitars

    More Information:
    * Series: M Series
    * Style: 6 string
    * Finish: Black, Blue Sparkle, Champagne Sparkle
    * Fretboard: Rosewood
    * Neck: Maple
    * Body: Agathis with Maple Top
    * Top: Not Available
    * Back & Sides: Not Available
    * Frets: 22
    * Pickups: 2 DeArmond 2K Single Coils
    * Bridge: Tune-o-matic With Bigsby Style Tremolo
    * Controls: 2-Volume Controls, 2-Tone Controls
    * Electronics: Not Available
    * Make: U.S.A.
    * Model #: 035-7600

    that's some info on the dearmond.

    Here's a user review:

  24. firewire2001 thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Apr 2, 2002
    Hong Kong
    ahh bass is an awesome instrument.. i played and upright bass myself for a short while..

    that dearmond guitar looks real awesome.. but honestly its a little far out of my reach right now as i have to buy an amp and i think i want to have a bit of money to fall back on to get some pedals and such in the future... id feel almost bad taking it from you too, as im really only an amature.. i hope you can find a good place for it..

    thanks a lot for all your insight.. i will definately consider one of those models of guitars youve recommended..

    thanks a lot to other for all your time.. again its great to see all you guys willing to help out and all..
  25. firewire2001 thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Apr 2, 2002
    Hong Kong

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