Electric TiBook + screen flicker

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Andy55, Apr 4, 2003.

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    Apr 4, 2003
    There's a thread in the hardware archives describing when a TiBook gets "electric" and when you touch it, it's like feeling a light vibrating shock/current. Most people said they never observed it, but I've experienced it roughly 5-10 times in the two years I've owned my Rev A TiBook 500. Because of it's strangeness, I payed close attention each time it happened and couldn't identify any pattern between each case--all very strange... I just always assumed I was going out of mind or something and never thought it could be a platform problem.

    The second issue is that in the last couple weeks, the bottom third of my scan lines are flickering more and more... When I flex the screen or hinges a little, it definitely affects it, so it seems it's just a matter of knowing where the loose connection is (and how to get at it). I'm a tech guy, so I'm not afraid to go in the tibook (and I have the tools)--if someone could just give me direction on where it's probably, loose, etc. In fact, I've already opened it up and done a quick inspection, but i didn't see anything... I was unable to get the back screen plate off, however.... And if the same helpful person could give a pointer (or URL) on disassembly of the screen, etc...

    Andy O'Meara
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    Re: Electric TiBook + screen flicker

    I've experienced this only once, and it was a week before my power adapter died (although that could just be coincidence). I've read about this happening to others and the advice they recommended was to give the AC power plug a 180 degree turn in the electrical outlet... something to do with polarization. Seemed to work for me, although it could have only been a placebo.

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