Elusive Ninja: The Shadowy Thief - Can you survive the fast-paced ninja chaos?

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    Hey, what's shakin'!

    My name is Jeff and I've started a small indie game studio called Bulletproof Outlaws. Working with Ravenous Games, developer of the super popular platformer League of Evil for iPhone, BPO has just released our first game:

    Elusive Ninja: The Shadowy Thief for the iPhone and iPod Touch


    I've been documenting Elusive Ninja's development in-depth since Day 1, along with documenting the trials and tribulations of starting up a game studio from scratch on my personal site. It's been a ton of work, but it feels great to finally have a game available on the App Store!

    I'll be blogging about this game's marketing and sales as I go, as well as the development of my next game as soon as I start it up so check out BPO or follow me at @BPOutlaws if you like behind-the-scenes gameDev stuff!

    Trailer: http://bit.ly/elusiveninja_trailer
    Fact Sheet: http://bit.ly/elusiveninja_factsheet
    Press Kit: http://bit.ly/elusiveninja_presskit
    Press Release: http://bit.ly/elusiveninja_pressrelease
    Website: http://www.elusiveninja.com/

    I'm posting this on various forums but don't worry I'm not just hitting 'n running, I'm bookmarking this thread and will be checking in on it to respond to any comments, questions, feedback, etc. you all might have!

    This is my first game, so I hope you all dig it! Haven't decided on the next game yet, but it'll be something totally different...pirates, knights, detectives, who knows! I'll figure it out after this game manages to actually pay my rent for the month! :)

    - Jeff
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