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Email Aliases Not Functioning Properly in iOS 14 [Update: Possibly Fixed in iOS 14.2 Beta 2]


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Mar 20, 2016
To clarify for @sideshowuniqueuser, you install the tvOS beta profile on your iPhone. Go to and scroll down to Block OTA Update. That causes the phone to only look for tvOS updates that are compatible with it, and of course there are never any tvOS updates compatible with the iPhone. Therefore it never thinks there's an update and you never have to deal with those nag messages. This trick has been around for at least a few years now.

The reverse used to be possible too (install iPhone beta profile on Apple TV to block those update nags), but tvOS 13 refused to allow installation of a non-tvOS profile. I'm frankly surprised that iOS doesn't yet block installation of the tvOS profile.
Ha ha nice, that's awesome!


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Sep 23, 2008
Unfortunately, there's one problem with aliases that seems to have persisted for years that Apple still hasn't fixed, despite my reporting it via feedback during every single beta cycle since at least iOS 8.

It seems that if you have multiple aliases configured and you forward an email that's not directly addressed to any of your aliases (e.g., it was sent to something like "undisclosed recipients" like many do when BCCing multiple folks), the iOS Mail app will pick a non-primary alias to send the forward from.

I've never been clear on what logic it uses for this, as it's not entirely random, but it's not like it picks them alphabetically or in the order in which they were added either. It will pick the same alias each and every time, but it's never the actual primary FROM address, but rather always an alias.

These release notes in iOS 14.1 got me hoping Apple had finally fixed this problem after about six or seven years, but sadly no...


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Mar 23, 2013
I created an email alias for a relative and, prior to upgrading to iOS 14, whenever she sent an email from the alias it had the alias email but when she receives a reply and sends a reply to that THAT email is sent under the name attached to her email and shows the iCloud email.

Anyone have any idea how to fix that? TIA!


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Jul 7, 2010
Still not fixed as far as i can see in the latest iOS 14.2. I downloaded today and email alias in one of my accounts is still displaying wrong number of emails.

This never happened in iOS 13.

Are Apple even aware of this issue?

I have just reported bug but very disappointed this has not been addresses yet.
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