Emailed photos will not display on iPhone when paired to Apple Watch

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by eboakes, Jan 3, 2017.

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    About a quarter of the photos that other iPhone users email to my iCloud account WILL NOT DISPLAY on whichever iPhone I have paired to my Apple Watch. These same photos display just fine on all of my other iOS devices, as long as they're not paired to an Apple Watch. This started with my iPhone 6, around December of 2015, but was very sporadic. By May of 2016, it was about a third of all photos emailed to me -- as well as corporate logos and other images. And, not just on my iCloud email, but on some of my other email accounts, as well. In fall 2016, when I loaded iOS 10 and Watch OS 3, this problem went away, but returned when I loaded iOS 10.1.1. It persists in iOS 10.2. I have repeatedly unpaired and then paired my Apple Watch between my iPhone 7 and my iPhone 6. Whichever iPhone is paired to the watch has the problem. In lieu of a photo, what I see is generally a tiny, faint, light blue square, though sometimes it's an icon that lists the photo's file type and size. Clicking on the icon is to no avail. This is not to be confused with the icon that appears when the data connection is slow, for that sort of thing eventually results in a photo once the data eventually arrives. For the problem that I'm having, no photo ever shows up, regardless of the type or capability of the data connection. I set the iPhone 7 up as a new phone, just to try to clear any possibility of some mysterious, accumulated error, but this did not fix anything. I have set the watch up as a new watch twice. This did not help either. Most of the problem photos are emailed to my iCloud email from someone's gmail address, but not exclusively. Has anyone else had this problem? How did you solve it? Are you working with an Apple Advisor on it?
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    I have the same problem! It is definitely a bug in the Apple Watch being paired to whichever iphone you are paired to. I have had the iPhone 5S, six series, and now the iPhone 7, and each one of them have had the same problem with email and images. If I receive an email with an image, and it is first displayed on the watch, then it will not be seen in the email on the iPhone. Only a tiny grey box where the image should be. If I turn off the Bluetooth, and reboot the phone, and then receive an email with an image or photo attached, I will be able to clearly see it and it is clearly displayed in the email on the iPhone. Also, the image will clearly display in the email of my iPad, therefore it is definitely a bug in Apple Watch. The problem started only after I paired my Apple Watch series 2 with my iPhone. At first I thought it was the sender of the emails, then I thought it was my email provider, but realized since I have several email providers and receive emails from multiple providers that it is a flaw in my Apple Watch. I have tried on pairing and repairing my watch with my phone and the problem still is there. I have never been able to find out from Apple what the problem is, or how to fix it.

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