Employees Are Driving iPhone Enterprise Share Gains--At The ...

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    This is definitely happening at my company. The company's only officially supported platform for mobile is Blackberries. But as of the last count, there are almost twice as many iPhones (just in the US) on our employee discount plan with AT&T, as there are Blackberries in service worldwide (and we are talking xx,xxx devices in each category). The CIO's office has now been piloting solutions for the iPhone and has come up with some pretty good stuff so far. I'm using Lotus Notes Traveler for push email/calendar and have two VPN solutions to connect to our internal websites. I can use LDAP to connect to the company's worldwide directory as well. We are also testing iNotes which is a browser based interface, but Traveler works a lot better. From what I understand, the reason all of this is happening is exactly the case of the article... executives bought an iPhone and brought it to work and wanted IT to make it work.
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    I use my personal iPhone instead of my Blackberry issued by the company because I need quick access to my emails and I get a much better ssh client and for less money. My Blackberry can't handle the email volume that my iPhone can easily handle. I also hate the physical keyboard because it slows me down.

    Blackberry may be a better fit for a teenager that does much less volume than I do for work.
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