Entire Apple line Price changes emminent.

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by Obsidian, Jan 8, 2002.

  1. Obsidian macrumors member

    Oct 10, 2001
    Victoria, BC, Canada
    I totally agree with everyone talking about how the new iMac invades and cannibalizes the PowerMac line up.

    This makes so much sense to me that it seems almost impossible to turn out in any other way. After you read, I think you will agree.

    Bear with me:

    In the past and in the present, there are always 3-4 different base PowerMacs.
    Suppose that the base power mac for the first term is 500MHZ, and the high lever power mac is 700MHz. When the next speed bump arrives, all original models, except the high end, are eliminated.
    At the next revision, 700MHz becomes the low end, and resumes the price point that the prior 500MHz occupied, and the new 900MHz will replace the 700MHz's old price point, ect.

    It has been this marketing strategy used for some time by Apple, and it is because of this that I forsee either a longer than expected delay on shipment of g5's or a dramatic price change all across the line.

    IF the new G5's were to debut at MW Tokyo, then the new iMacs will have either only enjoyed two months at their high price point, or the PowerMacs will all increase dramatically in price.

    Theoretically, if the G5's are announced at MW Tokyo, then for it to follow Apples old pricing scheme, then the bottom end model would be cheaper than todays iMac, and come it at $1699 US. (Where as the iMac falls into place at $1799 US).

    This either means that the new iMacs will have a $200-500 price cut each across the line; or that the new low end PowerMac G5's will be increase $500 across the line, so the bottom end will fall into $2199 US.

    I tentitivley lean towards the increase in the PowerMac price, as it will be to soon to make such a durastic price reduction in the iMac.

    ( it is also possible that there will be a marginal price cut to the imacs, and this would allow for a less durastic increase in PowerMac prices.)

    Any thoughts?
  2. F/reW/re macrumors 6502


    Dec 30, 2001
    U`re toughts are good enough for me

    If there will be a G5 in Tokio . .
    Do you think there will be a new design for the new G5 machines?
  3. Lightningwolf macrumors newbie

    Oct 22, 2000
    New Price Point

    If we see a new G4 or G5 at MW Tokyo, Apple will have to drop the $1699 price point and start the low end Power Macs at $2199. The line-up will probably change too, offering 4 versions of at $2199, $2699, $3099, and probably $3499 for the "Ultimate" dual-processor Tower. Of course, this all hinges on Motorola being able to deliver the goods, which, considering their record, is doubtful. But we can always hope, right?
  4. MacManiac1224 macrumors regular

    Oct 21, 2001

    If we see a G5's at MW Tokyo, I definetly think they will be in a different form, they made a different form when they put the G4 into the iMac, why not make the G5 different too? Remember: Think Different
  5. Six macrumors regular

    Jan 6, 2002
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    iMacs Cannibals? Nahhhh..

    I wouldn't say that the new iMac is taking over or cannibalizing the G4 tower line.. I'd consider it as more of a temporary situation.. Have you ever moved to a bigger house and stayed with a friend or relative for a few days while your house is getting its finishing touches? It's that simple. iMacs and Towers are moving to new houses. Sure you have to share a little living space for awhile, but, soon you'll be on your own again. The new iMac (i think it looks cool) will live in the powerfull (common, G4 is nice, admit it) G4 neighborhood for consumers. The towers on the other hand will move up to the powerhouse G5 neighborhood. They'll be moving out soon. You can't put too much stress on one moving company, or their trucks will get lost. G5 will be safe in their towers soon.. Hopefully in Tokyo.

    That's just my opinion, but I hope someone agrees with it. :)
  6. Pekk Guest

    Just too much waiting

    The problem is with the tower Macs is we are so tired of waiting.
    It seems easy to wait until Tokyo, but in reality we are waiting well before MWNY.

    I think Apple must understand that the market now is demanding much more speed in the rate of innovation.

    Now it is not enough to update every 2-3 years. We need much faster rate to keep our proffesional services competitive.
  7. Six macrumors regular

    Jan 6, 2002
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Worth The Wait?

    Sure it's hard waiting, but as long as they make them sweet enough, waiting till Tokyo or even the Summer would be worth it to me. They upgraded the iMacs a year ago, six months ago the towers, now the iMacs, its a pattern that apple hopes to break, when they announced they would announce products and updates on other than just the expo's. Like when they redesigned the iBooks.
  8. fukuhela macrumors member

    Dec 20, 2001
    Apple can't afford to wait until March to release the new PowerMac MWT. Not selling any PowrMac in to months that is impossible if Apple want to stay alive. In a world where the economy is going slow it's even more important to have some products that is competitive.

    So until a update to the PM arrives there have to be major pricedumbs in the current line. But I'm afraid that is not possible because when the new line arrives it is going to cost even more than it does now.

    This means that apple has to get the new line out asap or the'll suffer big time. Especially when the new iMac has gotten this (to) expensive.
  9. Obsidian thread starter macrumors member

    Oct 10, 2001
    Victoria, BC, Canada

    My point was not only to say that the iMac is cannibalizing the PM line, but to say that the prices will go up. I dont like the fact that they will, because the already over priced macs are hardly affordable by the average user.

    As it is, the low end 733MHz PM costs $2499 in Canada. If and when the price increases to over $2000 US, it will cost rougly $3099 Canadian for the same model. This could cause more problems at apple.

    But, it seems that most people who buy towers, buy the most expensive one, regardless of price. (I worked at a local apple reseller for about a month [around the time OS X was released] and either people came in looking at the low end units, or they were not concerned about the price, and went all out.)
  10. theranch macrumors 6502

    Jan 3, 2002
    Atlantic City area
    price increase...no

    I don't think that the new towers will increase in price, if they do it will be minor. The towers don't come with monitors...remember? You guys are suggesting that people would choose between a low-end tower and a top imac model. It's not a choice for a pro. The price of the imac shouldn't affect the sales of the new towers.....when they arrive nor should it affect the current towers. The imac can't do what a pro model can do...as far as upgradability goes.

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